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A View from the Bridge

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Literature Coursework- A View from the Bridge The play a View from the Bridge is a modern day Greek tragedy, which tracks the downfall of one individual. This is Eddie Carbone, an Italian man, with the beliefs of the Italian culture. Eddie, with his wife Beatrice and niece Catherine, live in Redhook, Brooklyn, a slum as the people there calls it and now it is known as that. Brooklyn has a large Italian community. Many people who live in Redhook are mostly Italian. The arrival of Beatrice's cousin Marco and his brother Rodolpho two illegal immigrants who must be kept a secret form the Immigration authorities, in America to live an 'American Dream', makes the whole play catalyst. The play is a tragedy and so a lot of aggression is included. The tragedy focuses on the private and social life of Eddie Carbone. The traditional, cultural beliefs of how to be an Italian man is a downfall. The belief's on how to be a real Italian man is to get back justice, if you get hurt. This is exactly what happens to Eddie. If any of these Italian beliefs weren't in place the play wouldn't have ended as such a "bloody course". The whole play is changed when the two brothers arrive in the slum neighborhood. ...read more.


She doesn't agree with something what Eddie says about Rodolpho. Eddie wants authority and so he shows this by saying that a wife should agree with what her husband has to say: "A wife is supposed to believe he husband. If I tell you the guy ain't right, don't tell me his is right". By saying this he means that Beatrice should agree with what the husband has to say, so if he says that Rodolpho ain't right, Beatrice should agree that Rodolpho ain't right. He is showing he has authority and is man of the house. The ways in which Rodolpho during the play doesn't conform to the Italian beliefs of masculinity is when he says and does things those only women do. These included cooking, singing and making dresses. Eddies point of view is for men to work hard and be serious. Rodolpho tries to show his masculinity, but fails dramatically. This is clearly shown, when Rodolpho has been told to leave by Eddie, and Catherine says that she will also leave. Rodolpho gets quite angry and decides to tell Eddie, that he wants Catherine to be his wife. Eddie doesn't agree at all. It's obvious why, because he thinks Rodolpho is gay. Eddie doesn't conform of his masculinity at all. ...read more.


Alfieri avoids conflict and aggressive behavior. Alfieri does not have belief, therefore he has no conflict. Alfieri doesn't like aggressive behavior and he is always trying to stop people doing things which are wrong. He tries to talk people out of something they are going to do, and tries making them change their mind. This is shown by Marco when he says to Alfieri that he wants to kill Eddie, he wants revenge: "In my country he would be dead now". Marco is trying to say that, the way he has been behaving, he would be dead in Italy. If anyone messes with Marco, they will be killed. In Italy the justice system works very differently. But Alfieri tries stopping what Marco is saying, because he doesn't want anything to go wrong. The examination of hostility, manliness and aggression leads to me saying that the play is a tragedy. It has a lot of aggression included. Manliness plays a huge role in this play; most of the men have masculinity, which takes part everywhere. Manliness, hostility and aggression are all connected, in a way, because the characters which have manliness also have aggression and hostility. This is shown, because if men don't get what they want they always turn aggressive, and this includes physical aggressiveness. Men want there authority, they wants things done by there order. I know that manliness leads to people being aggressive, although they have hostility. ...read more.

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