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A View from the Bridge

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A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE We have been studying 'A view from the Bridge' which has been written by Arthur Miller. This is the story of Eddie Carbone who is an Italian American who lives with his wife Beatrice and niece Catherine, When Beatrice's cousins Marco and Rodolpho, seek refuge as illegal immigrants from Sicily, Eddie agrees to give them shelter. Catherine falls in love with Rodolpho, which creates trouble. Eddie's jealousy culminates in an unforgivable crime against his family and the Italian community. In this scene I will analyse how Eddie tries to complain to Marco about Rodolpho going out and coming home late at night with Catherine. Eddie is jealous and he thinks that Rodolpho is trying to make a move on his beloved niece Catherine. While Beatrice was trying to stand up for Catherine, Eddie tries to make a point to Marco about not letting Rodolpho to go out a lot, especially with Catherine. While Eddie is reading his paper, Catherine gets up, puts the record on the phonograph and asks Rodolpho to dance. As Catherine, asks Rodolpho to dance, Eddie freezes and with respect towards Eddie Rodolpho does not accept the dance. Beatrice persuades Rodolpho to go a head. Rodolpho rises stiffely, feeling Eddie's eyes on his back and they dance. Marco then tells everyone that, that Rodolpho can cook. Eddie gets surprised. Then Eddie asks Marco and Rodolpho if they want to go and see a real fight. Catherine goes to make coffee. Eddie then insists Rodolpho to learn a boxing move from him. ...read more.


He told Catherine that a neighbour of Beatrice's had told people in the neighbourhood about an illegal immigrant who was living in his home, his father and brothers had abused and kicked him out of their home. So this tells us that according to their community illegal immigrants must be protected from the custom people and to never inform authority about illegal immigrants. It is the authority against the people on the street. Those who do inform the authority will suffer bad consequences such as rejection from their family and public humiliation. Eddie makes this point very strongly and he would also suffer from this point towards the end of the book. There are three major scenes, which I really think had an influence what would happen in the end. The three major scenes that I have chosen are firstly Catherine dancing with Rodolpho, secondly the boxing scene and finally Marco lifting the chair. After Eddie has a talk with Marco about Rodolpho not being careful in the open, Catherine is revolted and then reckons that she can make Eddie upset by asking Rodolpho to dance with her and by playing Rodolpho's new phonograph, she approaches Rodolpho in a way by letting Eddie know that she likes Rodolpho and there is nothing that could stop them from being together. So when she asks Rodolpho to dance, Eddie freezes. It is like he is shocked with Catherine's action. Rodolpho responses to Catherine in a non familiar way by answering " no, I'm tired ", to Catherine because he has respect for Eddie and if he does anything to make Eddie angry he will feel bad about himself and he is also scared because he can feel Eddie's eyes on him. ...read more.


We have summarised the problems illegal immigrants would face in America, that they are not guaranteed of a well paid job, they will face problems with language, the threat of being deported and the community Eddie's neighbourhood about not reporting illegal immigrants to the officers. Secondly, we looked at why Marco and Rodolpho are in America, what they are doing with their money and on what Eddie thinks of their different attitudes. Finally, we describe how the actors have used their voice, facial expression and movements to help the audience to understand the characters. The most important thing we have learnt about the characters is that they all are in a lot of tension by firstly, living with two illegal immigrants, secondly, they live in a small, cramped apartment with small furniture, with all the washing hanging all over the place and everyone bumping into each other and finally, about Rodolpho, who is one of the illegal immigrants, had started going out with Catherine with stresses Eddie that Rodolpho is just after a green card. The playwright wants the audience to think that something is going to go terribly wrong at the end of the play. The audience will get a clue at the end of act one when Marco performs the chair-lifting scene. The playwright also wants the audience to remain entertained so that is the reason why he made Marco performs the chair-lifting scene with Eddie. This would help to shape what will happen in the end. Which is when Eddie informs the authority and Marco is disgusted with him and spits on Eddie's face. By Aqsa Chaudry ...read more.

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