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A view from the bridge

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A View from the Bridge The play 'A View from the Bridge' is full of suspense which puzzles and mystifies the audience to specify the principle reason behind the tension that causes the immature death of Eddie Carbone. The author Arthur Miller delineates the dreadful ramification of the tension derived from the opening scene of the play. Accordingly, the presence of tension throughout the play keeps the audience alerted for an inexorable tragedy. By way of this, the author tries to pinpoint the other significant themes imminent to the play. Yet, this essay will concentrate upon the techniques that Arthur Miller devises to build up tension in the opening scenes of this play, which dominates the whole parts of the play. At the beginning of the play Alfieri, the lawyer who has originated from Sicily, starts by introducing himself, the area and the people to us. In his opening speech he presents the violent nature of the neighbourhood of Red Hook which refers to 1940s slum area in New York. So, he describes Red Hook and talks about the history of it. When he talks about the gang leader, Al Capone 'The greatest Carthaginian of all when precisely shot Frankie Yale in half with a machine-gun', the audience starts thinking of violence and gangsters, and a place which is utterly dangerous. ...read more.


The reason for this antagonism is due to all the male suppression being turned to Catherine. Eddie being a man and also being obsessed with his male authority actively tries to manipulate Catherine's private life. Eddie is jealous, so Catherine doesn't know what he is talking about. One more is when Catherine greets Eddie saying, 'hi' and Eddie is pleased and therefore, becomes shy. The audience are now in a puzzle to understand why he is shy. A normal person wouldn't act in this way to their niece what makes the audience think why Eddie is behaving in such a mysterious way. Therefore, this mystifies the audience and brings tension as they would like to know why these unnatural activities are happening. The relationship between Eddie and Beatrice is again not like a normal husband and wife. Beatrice dominates Eddie too much; she disagrees to Eddie most of the time and doesn't appreciate him at all. The reason for this is because Eddie gives much attention on Catherine than Beatrice. It goes to such an extent which seems Catherine is more important to him. This makes Beatrice getting upset. These are the downfalls in their relationship that leads them to departing from their normal married life. ...read more.


He broke the Code of Honour and for this treachery, he was punished and abused physically by his five older brothers and father. Eddie Carbone adopts similar kind of betrayal when he finds Rodolpho and Catherine having a relationship. He cannot bear this to continue any further. So, the only way to destroy their relationship is by informing the immigration officers that he is an illegal migrant, even though Eddie realises that people including his own wife are going to rebel on him. However, he still goes through it ---- because his jealousness and personal vendetta is uncontrollable ---- and virtually he embraces the consequence --- the death. By and large, it seems that the whole play turns to its final fatality where all characters bear some responsibility, however trivial in some extent, which descends to the tragic death of Eddie. Arthur Miller builds up such tension by showing difficulties in the relationship between Eddie and Catherine as well as Beatrice. The way he shows the conflict between American and Sicilian justice is really remarkable. He does this so well that we are ready for the predicament that happens when Marco and Rodopho arrive and he also prepares us for the tragedy of Eddie's downfall to come into death. ?? ?? ?? ?? A View from the Bridge 23/01/2008 - 1 - ...read more.

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