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A View from the Bridge

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A View from the Bridge A 'View from the Bridge' took place in Red Hook. Red Hook was an area of a slum that faced the bay on the seaward side of the Brooklyn Bridge ...the gallet of New York. It was first produced as a one act play inverse in the late 1950s just after World War II whilst the European countries were in crises. This scene took place in the actors Eddie and Beatrice's apartment who were husband and wife living in the Dockers area where most foreigners settled at that time. That area was known to be occupied by Italians. That area was also known as an area where the Italian Mafias operated. Eddie and Beatrice were legal and illegal immigrants from Sicily. The back ground conflict of this scene was the relationship between Eddie and Catherine and Eddie and Beatrice, Catherine was Eddie's orphaned niece whom he was very protective of. The conflict started when Beatrice's cousins Rodolfo and Marco, two illegal arrivals in the country came to live with Beatrice, Eddie and Catherine. However, Eddie was seen to be kind, generous and humorous in his anticipation of the illegal arrival of his wife's cousins, but because Eddie was over protective of Catherine who he saw as a daughter he had the urge to keep her from discovering her independence. ...read more.


have to go to another country to help their families survive, he was also assuming that after the men leave the women find a new partner and have extra children added to the children that the husband and the wife produced. Marco and Rodolfo did not like Eddie's assumption, especially because Marco had a wife back home and he thinks his wife is loyal, however, Marco and Rodolfo defended Eddie's comment, Rodolfo told him that it was more strict in their town. Eddie then took up Rodolfo's respond as a great advantage to tell Rodolfo "it is not so free here either" he then said "...in your town you wouldn't just drag some girl without permission, wouldya?" Beatrice saw that Eddie was referring to Catherine and Rodolfo's relationship, so she then got in the conversation and said "he did not drag her off Eddie". Soon the conversation turned in a confrontation to Rodolfo about Catherine coming home late. Eddie started commenting on how Catherine had been coming home late every time she went out with Rodolfo. However, Rodolfo settled the conflict by agreeing to come home with Catherine at an earlier time. ...read more.


However, he regretted the fact that he made them stay there. Miller also was very effective in creating tension, by changing relationship and creating different moods that each of the characters displayed by the end of Act one. Miller's main purpose in the last part of Act one was to prepare us, for what was to come in Act two, and also to deliver an unexpected outcome, which was Marco's reaction towards Eddie, which shocked everyone because of the way he portrayed himself during the beginning and the middle of the play. The ending of Act one had effectively prepared us for what was to come in Act two, because it showed us that Marco had developed a strong hatred for Eddie, by lifting the chair over Eddie's head and by showing his suspicious warning, facial expressions showed us that he might portray disappointing outcome by the end of that Act (Act 2). This scene was added to the development of the tragedy because of the very intensive conflict which had developed between Eddie, Marco and Rodolfo. Especially between Eddie and Marco because Marco developed a very strong hatred for Eddie, and that showed us that if Eddie crossed his path he would do something drastic by the end of the play. ...read more.

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