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a view from the bridge

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A view from the Bridge 'A view from the Bridge' is a play written by the author Arthur Miller. The play is set in Red Hook, a part of New York full of Italian Americans who people struggle to make a living. The Play is about an 'Italian family' living in the city of New York. The family contains of Eddie, Beatrice and Beatrice niece Catherine. The family later are accompanied by two of Beatrice relatives Marco & Rodolpho who came to America from Italy to settle down. They couldn't come to America as legal immigrants so they came illegally. They had to travel a long way in the cargo hold of boats. So they only alienated their boats in the night to avoid being seen by anyone. They carried forged Papers and were called 'Submarines' due to the way they entered the country. Marco and Rodolpho came to America in hope of achieving the American dream, dream to work hard and earn lots of money as it was easier to get jobs in America. Mainly, they came to America to support their family back home due to lack of employment in Italy. At the start of the section, Eddie is reading the newspaper. All of the main characters are in the same room. ...read more.


It's clear that Rodolpho does not match up with Eddie's image of what make a man. Eddie keeps on picking at the point that Rodolpho is blond hair, cooks, sings which are all signs of feminine characteristics for Eddie trying to make his point that he might be Homosexual. Eddie's sudden kiss to Rodolpho shows that he is constantly trying to prove his point. The stage direction says "Eddie pins his arms, laughing, and suddenly kisses him". Eddie is making it clear to others that Rodolpho is homosexual and is testing him to see how he reacts in this type of situation. Rodolpho has a big impact on Carbone family with Catherine & Beatrice both seeming to like him. Beatrice compliment to Rodolpho like "He's a nice fella, hard working; he's a good lookin fella". Eddie's increasing aggression is also related with this as his relationship with his wife hasn't been good recently after arrival of two brothers after Beatrice saying "When am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie? It's almost three months". This suggests that their sex life has been non-existent, and Beatrice is left with the feeling that maybe Beatrice is not sure that Eddie's still in love with her". The playwright uses other scenes to create tension in the play with Eddie kissing his niece Catherine. ...read more.


Eddie has already made the point that He and his family is the real boss in the house and delivering message to Rodolpho and Marco that if they mess with him he will give him the same punch. The Arthur is really indicating that Eddie is having difficulty expressing his feelings, so he is taking out physical aggression. In the drama, Marco plays a strong physical character. He, understanding the pressure on room starts off by asking Eddie if he can lift a chair when it is in a particular position. Eddies fails to do a task and Marco successfully lifts the chair way above his head, shadowing over a frightened Eddie. The stage direction describes Marco as "he kneels, gasps and with strain slowly raises the chair higher and higher, getting to his feet now". The drama continues with "Marco is face to face with Eddie's head and he transforms to what might appear to be a glare of warning into a smile of triumph". Marco is clearly warning Eddie that Rodolpho is his brother and will protect his brother if needed. Eddie at this moment is hostile, aggressive, frustrated & unconscious. We can observe this from the story because Arthur has given the audience the stage directions which have helped to give drama the emotions needed. By the end of this act, audience would be able to sense that lot more of physical aggression is to come and live us with "Eddie grin vanishes as he absorbs his look................" ...read more.

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