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A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE SECTION 3 In this section I will analyse the conversation between Eddie, Marco and Rodolfo at the dinner table. To make it easy to understand I will break the section into 2 parts, the first part is What does the conversation show us about each of the characters? First of all I will talk about MARCO. At the beginning of act 1 we are introduced to a person called Marco who appears shy at first but as the scene continues we start to see a different person. The word "BLUSHING" (stage direction) shows us that Marco is not very confident when talking to people and that he does not like to argue much. ...read more.


Lastly I will talk about Eddie. Firstly he takes the lead as the main character and believes to himself he is the main man in the family an example is "LAUGHING" which shows how confident he is, he tries to cover up his anger towards Rodolfo but doesn't do a very good job as everyone can clearly see he's angry. How is it a dramatically effective opening to the scene? Firstly it follows on from the first scene which is left off as a cliff hanger making people think what will happen next, the last scene finishes with this quote "PRAY FOR HIM... AND SO I WAITED HERE" This shows that there is a edge to this as there is a two way outcome and that ...read more.


Another point in which Marco is trying to show Eddie is that he is the bigger man and that if he messes with Rodolfo he messes with him. This causes drama at the end of the scene because it starts to show conflict between the two. By now Eddie has realised that he cannot win against Marco as he is too strong for him this makes the audience anticipate when will Eddie strike at Rodolfo as he wont do it in front of Marco. Marco is seen as a shield that has to protect his little brother, he has warned Eddie on a number of occasions, this keeps everyone interested and makes them think, and again the scene ends as a cliff hanger. Now things have changed, as Marco has become the main man. ...read more.

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