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A View from the Bridge

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How does Arthur Miller utilise the character of Alfieri to contribute to the Dramatic effect of "A View from the Bridge"? A View from the Bridge reflects Miller's background in terms of its setting, plot and context. Arthur Miller was born on October 17th, 1915, in New York City. His parents were both immigrants into the United States. The family lived in affluence due to the success of his father's clothing manufacturing business. A View from the Bridge is staged in the 1940's when Arthur Miller was intrigued in the manual labour, psychological view and the personal lives of the communities of the dockworkers and longshoremen that worked in the Brooklyn Harbour and formerly where Miller worked. Arthur Miller imagined that the Brooklyn docks were 'a dangerous and mysterious world at the water's edge that drama and literature had never touched.' Miller thought he could have captured this dramatic effect and some of his own family truths where dockworkers and longshoremen where poorly paid; exploited by their employers and who were in many cases only recent immigrants to the United States, having come to America, as Miller's parents had done in hope of work, wealth and security that their home countries could not assure. ...read more.


Here the technique foreshadowing is used; this is a literary device in which an author drops subtle hints about plot developments to come later in his story. Each of these hints widens the range of possible consequences and maintains tension throughout the narrative as these possibilities narrow. This keeps the audience on the edge of there seats and makes them apprehensive, this is another way in which Miller utilizes the character of Alfieri to contribute to the dramatic effect. Again Miller uses Alfieri to apply foreshadowing which heightens the drama and suspense in the play, 'watched it run its bloody course' Alfieri feels helpless in the face of Eddie's desperation. He knows that Eddie is about to destroy himself and, perhaps, those close to him; even at the beginning of the play he tells a premonition to set the foundation for the dramatic atmosphere. Alfieri adds tempo to the play by setting, ending, changing swiftly to a new date and scene. For example, 'on the twenty-third of that December...' and 'on December twenty-seventh I saw him next...' this assures that the audience does not become uninterested and keeps the play action packed. Arthur Miller uses this procedure to contribute to the dramatic impression by it getting closer and closer till the suspense is finally revealed this is a more effective way by adding pace to the action as the audience are still engaged in the play. ...read more.


Put it out of your mind. Can you do that?' and 'I understand you...' he tries to get into Marcos head my using that rhetorical question and he uses repetition of the word 'I understand you' quite efficiently and this adds to the dramatic atmosphere. Arthur Miller uses Alfieri in A View from the Bridge for various issues which all enhances the dramatic impression. Firstly he makes thee themes (justice, law, compromise) in the play more explicit to the audience, so they can appreciate the inner parts of the themes; he adds pace to the action and drama, he takes part in the play itself and brings us into the scene; also he informs the audience about his and others feelings. He acts as Miller's voice in the play (mainly to speak to the audience); acts as the lawyer and the narrator like the chorus in a Greek tragedy; in addition Alfieri foretells the future events of the play, which heightens the drama and suspense; he contrasts with Eddie's poor communication and confusion and finally he shows the good in Eddie, therefore raising him to the level of a tragic hero unaware of his destiny. In conclusion, I think Arthur Miller has successfully utilised the character of Alfieri to contribute to the dramatic effect of A View from the Bridge. ...read more.

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