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A View From The Bridge

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By the end of Act One, how has Arthur Miller shown that the tragic ending of "A View From The Bridge" is inevitable? From the beginning of the play we can tell that the place it is set, the Red Hook district of Brooklyn, is known to be a troublesome and yet unrestricted place to live. America is known to be a place of freedom, luxury and possibility, and this play expresses them all with the arrival of two immigrants by the name of Marco and Rodolpho. These two men seeking better opportunities have come to earn a better living for their families back in Italy and they stay with Eddie and Beatrice. During their stay some controversial and shocking events take place which set up the tragic ending for Eddie, as it turns out that Marco is the man who inevitably kills Eddie Carbone. Eddie Carbone's character within this play can be viewed in two ways. He can be seen as a caring, respectful hero towards his 'niece' or he can be interpreted as an overprotective pervert. Catherine is not a blood relative of Eddie, she is just the niece of his wife, but there still seems that Eddie has a tight grip on Catherine. Catherine has reached the age of 17 and should have the privileges of moving on and living her life without rules to abide by, but it seems Eddie can't handle this and that is what leads him to his misjudged personality. ...read more.


Every stage direction helps the audience to understand the emotions of the characters at that present time. This makes it easier for them to understand the play as it goes on because they see the various different emotions throughout. Arthur Miller's creativity in this play is unique and original and brings out the best of the inevitable story of Eddie Carbone. From the day that Marco and Rodolpho arrive, the tension begins to build up as it is Eddie showing his male dominance in the family to try and intimidate the two brothers from Italy. Eddie and Marco don't say anything face to face in Act One that sparks an argument, but the fact that Eddie is taunting Rodolpho makes Marco stand up and defend his brother. From the beginning of the play we know that Eddie and Catherine have an odd relationship, but as the play progresses Catherine begins to drift apart from Eddie. As Catherine and Rodolpho seem to be enjoying each others company, Eddie becomes jealous and tries to lecture Catherine away from Rodolpho. He doesn't succeed, but he does get into the head of Catherine and makes her think about it. At first, Beatrice is calm and collected about it all, but as she continues to see Eddie confronting Catherine, she takes matters into her own hands and has words with Eddie. ...read more.


But Eddie doesn't approve of this and Marco takes note of Eddie's disliking. The fact that Sicily has been ruled by foreigners for most of its history may torment Marco, as he is now living and obiding by the rules of America. Some of his anger, may be because of this and not entirely because of Eddie's constant negativity. The tragic ending to 'A View From The Bridge' is inevitable as Eddie Carbone takes himself down that road. Eddie's jealousy and control over Catherine leads him to his demise, but he is still loved and cared for by his wife Beatrice. She has been a part of this all the way through, but no matter what she has stuck by him and believed in him. She knows exactly what he is like and knows what he is capable of, but she is unable to prevent him from digging himself an early grave. Marco's tests of masculinity bring Eddie down to his knees as he knows he has been surpassed, but does not like to admit it. From the beginning of the play we see Eddie's attitude towards Catherine, but it isn't seen as that bad. As Rodolpho arrives, Eddie's attitude steps up to a new level and his tactics of keeping Catherine away from Rodolpho are clever and shocking. But they won't work and by the end of Act One we can already tell where the story is going to end. ...read more.

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