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A view from the bridge - A Miller

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The main character of the play is a man called Eddie. Eddie is a man in his late thirties. Eddie is overprotective towards his nice Catherine. Eddie also has a wife called Beatrice who is often in the kitchen making tea or supper. Catherine is a very kind hearted person of seventeen and is in her last year of secretarial college and is studying stenography (typing). There are also two other characters in the play they are Marco and Rodolfo. These two are Beatrice's cousins coming over from Sicily as illegal immigrants. They are both working illegally as longshoreman. There is one more character in the play and that is Alfieri. He is a lawyer. He is not in the play much. He has this big opening speech at the beginning of the play were he comments on the action of the play almost like a narrator outside the situation. Ever since Rodolfo turned up to live illegally in Eddies house Catherine had fallen for him. These two were boyfriend and girlfriend from the time Rodolfo arrived and Eddie didn't like it one bit. ...read more.


The relationship between Catherine and Eddie changed dramatically over the two acts. At first Eddie was kind to her and also overprotective this is shown when he says "You walkin wavy, I don't like the looks they're giving you in the candy store" this shows his over protectiveness. When Eddie gets back from work one day Catherine tells him she's got a job but Eddie doesn't like the fact and says "I want you to finish secretarial college first' this was Eddie being a bit mean but after persuasion from Beatrice he lets her take the job. In act two things went from bad to worse. Catherine fell for the charms of Rodolfo, Eddie was not amused. From then onwards I feel Eddie turned nasty to every one. Catherine starts to court Rodolfo and Eddie starts to get very angry, upset and worried. Eddie had other anxieties and worries that no one but himself could solve. He starts to take his anxiety out on his wife Beatrice. This I feel is because he has looked after Catherine for a long time and he cant let go of her. ...read more.


Eddie and Beatrice were husband and wife but during the play Eddie never showed any affection towards Beatrice especially when Catherine started to court Rodolfo because that got Eddie even madder. Eddie was very demanding towards Beatrice for example when he says "B go and make some coffee" he doesn't say please or thank you. Beatrice is so upset that she even says to Eddie "When are you going to be a husband to me" this shows how Eddie was to Beatrice, he did nothing for her except moan and groan. Beatrice is always sticking up for Catherine. Especially when there's an argument about Rodolfo But Eddies always horrible when the argument is about Catherine and Rodolfo because he doesn't think he's right for her because he thinks Rodolfo is only marrying Catherine to become an American citizen. To summarise Eddie and Beatrice these two were happy at the beginning but when Rodolfo and Catherine started courting it caused mayhem. I would have liked to of known what would of happened to these two if Eddie didn't die. ...read more.

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