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'A View from the Bridge' by Arthur Miller

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GCSE English Literature Coursework 20th Century Drama- 'A View from the Bridge' by Arthur Miller Alfieri: Who can ever know what will be discovered? Eddie Carbone had never expected to have a destiny. A man works, raises his family, there was a future, there was a trouble that would not go away. In what ways does 'A View from the Bridge' refer to the tradition of Greek Drama? In what ways can Eddie be seen as a tragic hero? The play 'A View from the Bridge' is about Eddie Carbone and his family. He lives in his house with his wife and his neice, then Marco and Rudolfo come over from italy to work. Marco and Rudolfo are cousins of Eddies wife, Beatrice, but when his neice Catherine falls in love with the younger cousin, Rudolfo, Eddie finds it hard to handle. 'A View from the Bridge' was originally written entirely as a Greek Drama in verse by Arthur Miller but as he drew his play to an end, to him it didn't seem right. ...read more.


Similar to a narrator, except a lot of people and not just one person. As Miller based his play on Greek dramas, he used this idea of a chorus. However, Miller twisted the 'rules' of a chorus, by only having an individual to play the part. His name is Alfieri. Not only is Alfieri a chorus, but he is also a character involved in the drama. He is very different from the other characters in the play. This is because he is a lawyer, and "a lawyer means the law" this makes him very respected. Alfieri worked with Eddie's father when Eddie was young and is now a close family friend. The whole play is a series of Alfieri's flash-backs, and he provides a running commentary like the ancient chorus did, but as this is his tale of what has already happened, he cannot change the future. There are also a few ways that Alfieri isn't like a chorus. ...read more.


Eddies fatal flaws were the end of him, his forbidden love for niece took him over the edge as well as his urge to protect his family from anything he thought was bad. He was undoubtly a caring man, he was prepared to fight for what he earned so yes, he was brave, noble and strong, Eddie thought what he was doing was dignified, he believed that everything was starting to turn against him, so he wanted to put it back. In this essay i have shown how Arthur Miller wrote 'A View from the Bridge' using the same techniques of a Greek drama and have given many reasons for this, I have shown why I think Eddie was a hero, being strong, noble and brave, I enjoyed the play and thought it was compelling and well written, it kept me interested throughout like a modern day soap, showing the characters develoupment, having many twists and turns and covering some difficult issues like love for a family member. The play shows the struggle of one man, and his life on the other side of the bridge. Aime Cox January '03 ...read more.

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