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A View from the Bridge By Arthur Miller What is the role of Alfieri in portraying the fate of Eddie Carbone?

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A View from the Bridge By Arthur Miller What is the role of Alfieri in portraying the fate of Eddie Carbone? Arthur Miller was born in New York in 1915. As a teenager Miller hardly spent any time reading or studying. He only took an interest in academics in his final year of high school; this was too late for him to improve his grades in order for him to be accepted into college. After high school Miller worked in various jobs before finally being accepted into the University of Michigan in 1934. The play was written in response to Millers old friend Kazan's who decided to inform the American government about communist sympathisers. Miller was also asked to give information to the government but strongly refused. Miller saw Kazan decision as betrayal. The play includes element which are based on a Greek tragedy, we know this because both have a tragic hero and a chorus. In the play the chorus does not sing and in the Greek tragedy they do. In a view from the bridge the chorus is one person and he can interact with the characters, however in the Greek tragedy it is a group of people who cannot interact with the audience. ...read more.


But as Catherine gets older she stops to appreciate this. One day Catherine is offered a job as stenographer and then decides to quit school. Her decision made Eddie angry, he tried to force her to carry on with school, But as Beatrice agrees with her decision she convinces him to let her take the job. Thing start to go wrong for Eddie when Beatrice younger cousins Rudolpho and Marco arrive to America. Here is when Catherine starts to fall in love with Rudolpho. Further into the play Catherine decides to marry Rudolpho. Eddie finds out and this makes him furious. "You like him'', "yeah I like him''. Catherine is Eddie's main weakness as he has a secret lust for her; this is why things go wrong for him. There are a many moments in the play that show that eddies feeling for Catherine are not what they should be. Although Eddie is unaware of the feelings he has for his niece until the end of the play, other characters are. His wife Beatrice is first person to realise his romantic feelings towards Catherine. During an argument Beatrice is the one who makes Eddie understand his feelings. "You want something else, Eddie, and you can never have her'' This is the moment when Eddie realises the lust he has for Catherine, and this is what causes his death. ...read more.


"He is forty a husky, slightly overweight longshoreman'' This shows that Eddie is a bit over weight and that he works as a longshoreman. Similarly to Greek tragedy Alfieri talks to the audience to let them know what is happening, Alfieri mentions that he encourages sympathy for Eddie, "I think I love him more than all my sensible clients''. Alfieri is making the audience feel sympathy just like he does for him. Alfieri was foreshadowing to give us hints about what will happen later in the play Alfieri mentions that his hints at the end of the play will end with violence when he says, "Run its bloody cause" When Alfieri finds out that Catherine is going to marry Rodolpho.He makes a visit to Alfieri to ask him if there's anything he can do to prevent Catherine from marring Rodolpho. Alfieri tells Eddie to let Catherine go as he has too much love for her that he should not have. "A river will drown you" Here Alfieri warns Eddie that something terrible will happen if does not to do this. As a narrator Alfieri is powerless to affect the outcome of the play, "Sat there as powerless as I"" Here he is explaining that at one point of the play Eddie is going to have to go through a problem which neither he nor Eddie will have the power to solve it. ...read more.

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