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A View from the Bridge By Arthur Miller - What reaction does Miller intend the audience to have? Does he achieve his intentions?

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A View from the Bridge By Arthur Miller What reaction does Miller intend the audience to have? Does he achieve his intentions? The following essay is about how people reacted to Arthur Miller's play and what his intentions where and if he got the desired effect on people. Firstly let me start of by telling you about the intentions of writers, Arthur Miller's intentions in particular. A writer intends to grip the audience so people will read or view there work. Arthur Miller intended to grip the audience by telling you a story of illegal immigrants and how they could affect a person's life. He also intended to show us how Italians deal with people who inform on others. He wanted to show us the emotions and behavior a working class person who had to deal with the fact that the girl who "belonged" to him for such a long time was being "stolen" from him and he was losing her. ...read more.


He wants us to understand that we can only protect our little ones for so long and then we must let them go. He also tries to show us there emotions, the love Catherine has for Rudolpho, and the mix up of feelings Eddie shows towards Catherine. He wants us to walk away with a sense of understanding about this delicate issue. I don't think he wanted us to be shocked or horrified. So just why did some people react like this? This play like most of Miller's plays touches a very sensitive subject so there is bound to be parts that people would find shocking. How ever were people more shocked that something like this could happen or something like this was being performed. The parts people found most shocking are when Eddie kisses his own niece Catherine and then goes on to kiss Rudolpho. Another thing people would find shocking is how Italians treat snitches regardless of there relationship. ...read more.


So he wanted people to understand about this type of situation, not to be shocked that something like this could happen and something like this was being performed. He didn't want us to walk away horrified about something like this but wary that this could be happen and how people would feel like in situations such as this one. He wanted us to understand the feelings of people like Eddie and Catherine and the rest of the cast. Arthur Miller achieved some of these reactions, however he couldn't stop some people walking away horrified and shock but never the less even though some people walked away shocked or horrified or maybe both he did get still achieve his intentions. Arthur Miller may not have got all the reactions he had intended to but he did achieve his ultimate intention of gripping the audience. He tells us what is going to happen but leaves us wanting to know how it happens. ?? ?? ?? ?? English A View From The Bridge By: Shepu Rahman Form: 10.8 ...read more.

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