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"A view from the bridge" character analysis of Eddie

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´╗┐ENGLISH LITERATURE ? CONTROLLED ASSESSMENT. CONTEMPORARY DRAMA- A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE. CHARACTERISATION: EXPLORE THE WAYS IN WHICH AN IMPORTANT CHARATER IS PRESENTED TO THE AUDIENCE. USE EXAMPLES FROM THE DRAMA TEXT IN YOUR RESPOSE. A View from the Bridge is a contemporary drama written by Arthur Miller in 1955, who was born in New York City and studied at the University of Michigan. The play takes place in Brooklyn around 1950?s. Eddie is an inarticulate character and is powerless in the face of his tragic fate. He harbors a secret lust for his niece Catherine which causes eventually his destruction. Throughout the play, he is seen as the tragic hero or tragic protagonist, meaning he is the central character on whom the tragedy befalls. Eddie is uneducated and hardworking determined to do his duty of his family and maintain the respect of the neighbour, ?He is forty?a husky, slightly overweight longshoreman ? where the open sea begins.? He has genuinely been a loving guardian to Catherine and when necessary he has gone looking for work in Hoboken, Staten Island and so on. Eddie?s jealousy over his attractive young niece Catherine seems to be more powerful than his love for Beatrice and his sense of honor as a Sicilian American. Miller uses characterisation, symbolism and plot to show how Eddie?s dark side gradually causes his death. ...read more.


doing here.? In addition he authorises an incident to Catherine about ?Vinny? who snitched about his uncle who was an illegal immigrant to the immigration. He has been ousted by the communities ostracised for the rest of his life and regarded with scorn and contempt. A similar fate is inevitable for Eddie, who is prepared to give up his status in the community to make Rodolpho go back to Italy, as he sees that as the only option available to him. Once Eddie is aware that one of Beatrice?s cousins, Rodolpho, sings, cooks, makes dresses, he gets angry as for Eddie it is just bazaar behaviour for a man. Eddie is shocked of his feminine quality as it is completely against the concept of masculinity. That?s first where he begins to niggle away at him and then he goes a little bit further where he thinks he is not a man at all, maybe he is homosexual and that he shouldn?t be with Catherine. He tries to show Catherine that Rodolpho is not the right guy for her as he notices that both of them are attracted to one another. Eddie kissing Rodolpho and then Catherine leads to a catastrophe. Eddie deludes himself into thinking that Rodolpho ?Ain?t right? to justify his efforts to discredit him in front of Catherine and does not care about the effect this has on his marriage. ...read more.


It is only at the end when Eddie comes to the realization that it is Beatrice and not Catherine who is most important in his life. By ringing Immigration Bureau, Eddie?s downfall is secured as Marco is set against Eddie, spitting into Eddie?s face and calling him an ?animal? and the killer of his children. However, it is Eddie?s refusal to admit his mistakes and that he has disgraced his name by ringing Immigration Bureau that brings about the final confrontation between Eddie and Marco. Marco wants retribution against Eddie for forcing him to go back to Italy, ruining his family?s chances of ever escaping poverty. While it is Marco that kills Eddie, it is the knife that Eddie drew that is the instrument for his death, signifying self-destruction. Eddie?s downfall is brought about through his own failings and mistakes, rather than the mistakes of others having an impact on him. In A view from the Bridge, Eddie is portrayed as an over-protective, obsessive man, who does not know the boundaries and who?s logic is flawed when it comes t his feelings. He lives in a bubble, where he expects to get what he desires, thus keeping him away from reality. Only at the end does the bubble burst as he acknowledges his mistake in his last moment. His death in Beatrice?s arms justifies how he still values and seeks redemption and forgiveness from his wife after all he did. ...read more.

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