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a view from the bridge Closely analyse the end of act 1 commenting on the dramatic effect of characters and their actions

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Closely analyse the end of act 1 commenting on the dramatic effect of characters and their actions A view from the bridge is a play about immigration,betrayal,love,masculinity,honour,family and a little bit of jealousy set in redhook an italien immagrant area in the 1980s.In this scene it also talles about masculinity,faminity,honour and family are explored in this play. The tention in this scene helps lead to the end of the play and help predicts Eddies death. In the final episode of act one the characters Eddie,Beatrice,Catherine,Marco and Rodolpho are havin a harmless after dinner conversation about boats and fishing while at this point of the play Rodolpho helps Catherine clean da dishes this suggests that Rodolpho is gay because its a womens job. ...read more.


When Rodolpho speek Eddie reacts the way he does because he is jealous of Catherine and Rodolpho and he wants to keep Catherine close to him.Eddie also thinks that he is protecting Catherine from Rodolpho cheating on her.Eddie begins to get angry and tells Rodolpho''It aint so free here either'' we also know he is angry because he gets out of his chair and he walks up and down.When Eddie begins to get angry he makes an excuse and says ''Well Marco,till he came here she was never out on the street twelve o'clock at night''. Beatrices disagree with Eddie about Rodolpho and we know this because she tells Eddie ''Be an uncle then'' and protect Rodolpho by saying ''Well,he didn't exactly drag her off though'' to keep Eddie happy and tells Rodolpho to come home earlier.When Catherine hears ...read more.


Eddie punches Rodolpho deliberately and we know this because afterwards he rubs his hands like he is the man of the house. After the fight Rodolpho ask Catherine to dance as if to show off that he can still have her.When Eddie hits Rodolpho Marco is forced to protect his brother but trys to disguise it as a friendly challenge but instead of a threat.At the end of act 1 all the audience knows that Eddie will be hurt by Marco or killed. In the begaining most of the main characters created a happy normal family by the end Beatrice and Catherine have to defy Eddie and Marco is willing to challenge him and Eddie is jealous and over protective. My best part i thought was when Marco lefted the chair because it showed a big change in him. ...read more.

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