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A View From The Bridge - How Does Eddie Carbone Bring Fate Upon Himself.

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A View From The Bridge - How Does Eddie Carbone Bring Fate Upon Himself Arthur Aster Miller, born in New York in 1915, is a playwright of many successful works. When he was young, his father was a shopkeeper that was financially destroyed by the Great Depression of the 1930s, which prompted the Millers' to move to Brooklyn. He grew up playing football and baseball and did not seem to display characteristics of genius. He graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School in 1932. In 1956, Miller, recently divorced, married model and actress Marilyn Monroe. He wrote a screenplay entitled Misfits, mainly to have his wife star in it. Often late on set and under the influence of drugs, Marilyn caused great strain on their marriage. The marriage fell apart in 1961. In 1964, he remarried, this time to photographer Inge Morath. Arthur Miller's play "A View from the Bridge" centers round an ongoing problem, illegal immigration, and then deals with problems related to people trying to live together and coming into conflict with their individual desires and motivations. The topics raised are never easy to deal with and Miller shows how skillfully he can write about difficult issues, whilst enhancing the English language. ...read more.


Alfieri adds grandeur to the story and transforms the story of a Longshoreman into a larger than life tragic tale. Alfieri was a lawyer who Eddie turned to when he needed help in the situation. Alfieri's opening speech of Eddie describes him as a hard and honest man who worked hard for a living. "He was a good man as he had to be in a life that was hard and even"... This quote is interesting as it shows how Eddie was from before meeting the immigrants to when Catherine and Rodolpho started dating. Eddie Carbone is a hard working longshoreman; he lives in America and lives with his wife Beatrice, and Catherine, who is Beatrice's niece. One of Eddies' problems was that he was too overprotective of Catherine and still treated her as his 'little girl'. In act one Catherine was offered a job, however Eddie did not approve of his little girl going out into the big wide world on her own. "I want you to be with a different kind of people. I want you to be in a nice office"... In this quote Eddie is saying she is too good for that job and should stay at school. Eventually after a lot of persistent persuasion from Beatrice and Catherine he lets her take the job. ...read more.


He then kissed Catherine on the lips to say to Rodolpho, she's not yours she's mine, and she needs a man like me to be with. I think that Eddie succeeds in humiliating Catherine and Rodolpho, however I think that this turns Catherine even more away from Eddie and the love for Rodolpho increases. After Eddie doing what he had done and Rodolpho and Catherine were still together and still getting married, the only option left was to go behind his families back and call the immigration office. This shows that Eddie was a very stubborn, selfish, scheming, jealous man. Another example of Eddies unacceptable behaviour which lead to his death was when he pulled a knife out on Marco, in an attempt to stab him, Marco manage to reverse the knife into Eddies chest and kill him. Eddie's behaviour was totally stupid and uncalled for. In Alfieri's final speech he says that even though Eddie was wrong he admired him in how he fought for his family. "I will love him more than all my sensible clients". I agree with Alfieri in the way that Eddie was a honest man, just protecting his family, however the manner in which he went about protecting his family was unacceptable. He betrayed his family; he never gave Rodolpho a chance and tried to kill Marco. Amir Saeed 1 of 3 ...read more.

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