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A View From the Bridge - In the court room.

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A courtroom, Marco is inside the docks with police officers either side of him. The judge sits at his high table. In the gallery there is Catherine, Beatrice and Rodolpho. Alfieri sits at one of the table he is Marcos defence attorney. The prosecution attorney sits at another table. Your Honour I am here to tell you the true sad story of Marco, a man who came here to save his children's lives and make a good life for them. You swear to tell the truth, noting but the truth and everything but the truth. Alfieri: Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury. I am representing in the court a man whose only crime was only to care for his family. He put his life on the line by the Mafia. He had to travel half of the ocean to a country, culture and language which was totally different to what is in Sicily. The other risk was the immigration, which he is now being charged and the murder of Eddie. ...read more.


Alfieru: Could you tell us what happened between Eddie and your brother Rodolpho and tell us the way he abused him. Marco: Eddie was always Jealous of Rodolpho because Rodolpho knew how to enjoy himself and he loved Catherine dearly. Eddie had feeling for Catherine he told her that Rodolpho was using her just for his passport and to become an American Citizen. Eddie use to teaching Rodolpho Boxing lessons for an excuse to punch him. I warned him of by asking him to pick up a chair from the bottom to see if he was a boxer back in the days well he couldn't pick it up I picked it all the way up a glazed into his eyes saying not to do it again. He also grassed us up to the immigration Office I accept that I am guilty for coming her illegally with out get permission for the government but I had to because if I didn't come to New York my family would of died I know that there are in good hands now that I am sending money home. ...read more.


I had acted in self defence I wasn't going to say kill me I had to act in self defence for my protection. Alfieri: How did you Stab him? Marco: As he tried to stab me I turned his had around and it accidentally stabbed him I quickly got up not knowing what I was doing it was like a frightening nightmare the knife went Theo his Chest. You have to believe me for my Families sake if I go back to Sicily it will be the same as last time underprivileged with out no money and I have to go back on begging. Just release me and give me 4 years to earn a few money after that time I swear to go back to Sicily. Thank You Alfieri: I have no more Questions for the defendant. (Marcos life was on the line. Out of all the risks he was taking this was the leading risk) Judge: Now I am going to say if Marco is allowed to stay based on the evidence I give Marco 4 and a half years to earn some money and return back to Sicily Thank you ...read more.

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