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A view from the bridge is a fast paced play, which uses elements of a modern day Greek tragedy structure.

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A view from a bridge coursework A view from the bridge is a fast paced play, which uses elements of a modern day Greek tragedy structure. The play consists of two acts, which have a very simplistic story line, which causes the play to turn into a hard hitting action and dramatic play, which moves towards the audience directly and at very high speed. There is also the use of a Greek chorus figure who gives the play the sense of dramatic irony and inevitability that something bad is going to happen, "and I sat here as powerless as I and watched it run its bloody coarse." The play deals with such many common social issues such as immigration, code of honour, unwritten laws, love, loyalty, the American dream, justice/law, jealousy and family feuding. During the play there is great senses of pace, this is because of the fact that, the play is only consists of two scenes. When they are added together, the play is very short, that means they have to do everything quickly, to fit it into the short of space of time they have to work with. The use of the Greek chorus figure is to move the play along. So when the play starts to slow down, they cut away from the main scene, turn to Alfieri, who adds even more tension than before. Which causes the play to move from one main part to the next, this way we are not left waiting in boardum wait in for the next thing to happen. ...read more.


Rodolfo will be led over to the phonograph to dance by Catherine, where the ironic song paper doll will be played. This song being ironic because it's about a man, having something that is not official his, taken away from him by another man, this is there to represent the status between Catherine and Eddie. Due to this the light shone on Eddie will turn an even darker shade of red as the song worsens his anger and Catherine and Rodolfo will be shone in a yellow because they are starting to become fearful of Eddie. When Marco walks over to Eddie, places the chair infront of him, and challenges him to the chair lifting competition. Both of them will be shone in a red light to show they are still angry about the earlier issues and all the characters except Marco and Eddie will be in dark so all your attention is drawn to just that part of the scene. When Eddie goes down time and time again and cannot lift the chair he will be shone in a light blue light to show a slight feel of failure but he'll just shrug his shoulders and make up any excuse he can, "it's because its on an angle that's why." When Marco lifts the chair above his head, the paper doll song will stop to show this is a very important part of the scene. Eddie will start back away stumbling over his rocking chair, whilst being shone in a yellow light, to show he is scared of Marco's strength. ...read more.


Eddie will get down to one knee, put one hand behind his back and grasp the bottom of the leg of the chair and will have a the look of concentration he will try to lift it but he can't he will keep trying util he as finally given up. Eddie will have stepped away from the chair with his hands on his hips; his head hung in shame and the look of disappointment on his face. Then Marco will step up and set up the same as Eddie. Then he will get the chair lifted to waist height, his arm will start to tremble as he starts to tier, he will go red in the face as he starts to run out of oxygen and have a deep stained look on his face. Then, he will slowly, but surly raise the chair above his head, the music on the phonograph will stop, Beatrice, Catherine and Rodolfo will stand on the spots frozen with the look of amazement on there faces. Eddie will seem very threatened by this and will start to back away with the look of fear on his face, tripping over his rocker as he backs away. Marco will stand there with the look of success on his face and the stance that he could hit Eddie with the chair but will refrain himself from doing so. Then the scene will go completely dark to signal the end of the first scene. ...read more.

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