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A View From The Bridge is about a family, who live in Red Hook, "…the gullet of New York," which swallows the "tonnage of the world."

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Karan Garcha 10H3 A View From The Bridge Coursework Assignment A View From The Bridge is about a family, who live in Red Hook, "...the gullet of New York," which swallows the "tonnage of the world." This family of three, comprising of an Uncle, Aunty and niece, are ordinary working class citizens who try to deal with some common, and uncommon problems in their lives. These problems include growing up and learning to let go, and conflicts with other relatives. From the first few lines of dialogue, I thought that Eddie and Catherine had a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship because when Catherine says "Hi, Eddie!" the stage directions tell us that "Eddie is pleased and therefore shy about it..." To me, it seems that one would not be shy when ones niece said "Hi," and also Eddie was pleased about it which led me to believe that the nature of their relationship was of that sort. Catherine buys a new skirt, which Eddie thinks is too short. Catherine tells Eddie that it's "the style now" and that it isn't too short when she stands up. Eddie retaliates by saying that she's "gotta sit down sometimes." ...read more.


Eddie tries twice, but fails. By now, everyone is watching as Marco lifts the chair higher and higher, until the chair is raised over his head. Marco then smiles, triumphantly, leaving Eddie to absorb his look, and making him look weak and inferior; perhaps a warning telling him not to overstep the mark. In the boxing scene, each character feels differently towards Eddie, whether it is they feel threatened by Eddie, by him causing them direct anger, or by him causing anger, indirectly and vice versa. An example of direct anger being when Rodolfo was hit by Eddie, causing him anger as a result of Eddie's action towards him. An example of indirect anger was when Rodolfo was hit by Eddie, causing Catherine anger, but not directly from Eddie towards her. Beatrice feels no anger towards Eddie at all during this scene, as she only senses the comradeship between him and Rodolfo. She doesn't seem to see that there may be more behind Eddie wanting to teach Rodolfo to box; he may have been using Rodolfo as a human punch bag, to take his anger out directly on him. ...read more.


Unfortunately, Marco managed to turn the knife around, and Eddie stabbed himself, with his plan backfiring. I feel sorry for Eddie as he took people he didn't even know into his own house and let them stay there, knowing very well that they could get "picked up" and deported back to Italy, raising questions about whether or not they let them stay in their house, knowing they were illegal immigrants. I also feel sorry for Catherine, as she had to endure her uncle fighting with the person she loved just because he wanted her; something which he could never have - which he perfectly knew. Finally, I feel sorry for Beatrice, who was caught in the middle of it all. She had to support Eddie, as he was her own husband, but at the same time she had to support Catherine, as she was her Aunty and she had no one else to turn to. During Eddie's and Catherine's argument's, Beatrice had to reassure Catherine that she was doing the right thing, and that she couldn't keep doing things and regretting them, just because Eddie didn't agree. She also had to break Eddie's heart by telling him that Catherine isn't "no baby no more" and that she was old enough to make her own decisions, regardless of what her elders thought. ...read more.

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