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A view from the bridge is set in New York City in the 1950s,

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INTRO. Arthur Miller was born October 17th 1915 in New York City. His parents were both immigrants in the United States and were originally from Sicily. Arthur's father had a successful business but it collapsed, along with the American economy as a whole, Following the Wall Street crash, as a result, Arthur had to work as a warehouseman in order to save his fees before he was able to go to Michigan University in 1934 to study Economics and History. I think he has the same background 'The view from the bridge'. A view from the bridge is set in New York City in the 1950s, with a Sicilian background. Sicily is the home of all the characters which is an island in Italy. The characters change from old world Sicily to new world America in the book. Sicily had been invaded a lot of times by different countries, so this made the Sicilian people develop a culture of not talking or reporting to the authority, so the people of Sicily dealt with their own problems between their communities. ...read more.


challenges his masculinity, in the kiss scene Rodolfo has the girl he wants and in the finale Marco kills him which proves Marco is the stronger male, my conclusion for those scenes is that all of them challenge Eddies masculinity; which m makes me agree with this quote ' The most dramatic scenes is when Eddies masculinity is threaten.' Eddie is the main character and he is a hard working man looking after his niece and wife, he is a long shore man with a Sicilian background man. His wife Beatrice, cousins from Sicily came to stay with them; there names are Rodolfo and Marco. Eddie is a very masculine male trying to achieve the American dream. Eddie loves his niece Catherine but hides his love because it is incest and I think he knows she wouldn't love him in the way he loves her. Rodolfo and Catherine is a couple but Eddie hates Rodolfo because he is dating Catherine who he secretly loves, Eddie tries to pretend to Catherine that he hates Rodolfo because he is famine ,accuses him of ...read more.


Rodolfo was accused of being gay by Eddie because he could sing, dance and play instruments but this made Catherine (Eddie niece) more attracted to Rodolfo, which hurt Eddie. Eddie always challenged Rodolfo to prove to Catherine that Rodolfo was worthless and not manly enough to look after her and a family but she still loved him and this kilt Eddie. I think Rodolfo didn't hate Eddie because in act two he says" Catherine loved Rodolfo and had a lot of respect for Eddie as if was a god because she would just stare at him doing his normal routine like smoking and drinking I think she was fascinated because he was so masculine. Catherine was stuck in the middle of everything because both Eddie and Rodolfo loved her but Eddie loved her in a sexual way which he covered by acting as if he was a protecting parent and Rodolfo her lover always was challenged because of his feminist's hobbies. She was a very bright girl and knew what she wanted to do in life , I think Catherine wouldn't have loved Eddie in a sexual way because she looked at him as a father figure. By Stephan Bayen ...read more.

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