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'A View from the Bridge' is still relevant to a contemporary audience. Discuss this in relation to Miller's use of language, structure and stage devices; showing how they are used dramatic effect.

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'A View from the Bridge' is still relevant to a contemporary audience. Discuss this in relation to Miller's use of language, structure and stage devices; showing how they are used dramatic effect. "Miller intended the play to be a modern version of a Greek tragedy" and even though Miller set the play in a specific time and a specific place it still resembles that of a Greek tragedy. Miller has inputted a bit of him self into the play as the play is also based on his personal experiences. He confronts the audience with a situation which we know the outcome of, due to the timeless structure also used in Greek theatre. 'A View from the Bridge' is and always will be relevant to today's events, society and happenings because of its Greek theatre influence, using very strong morals and timeless themes. Such as: Love, Betrayal, Hate, Jealousy, honor, and Identity, Which are maneuvered in and out of the play. In the opening section of the play Miller sets the scene in Red Hook, "the slum that faces the bay on the seaward side of Brooklyn Bridge", portraying to the audience the areas personality. ...read more.


Even today in every day life we do the same, using physical actions instead of words. Miller uses a lot of different techniques and devices to portray different ideas to the audience, to create meaning and make them understand. The stage devices Miller uses create meaning for the audience and reveal subtext, showing the inner feelings of the characters. For example: the phone booth glowing (Act 2, page 49), "A phone booth begins to glow on the opposite side of the stage; a faint, lonely blue. Eddie stands up, jaws clenched", this reveals an amount of subtext to the audience showing them that Eddie is thinking of phoning the Immigration Bureau. The revealed subtext is also showing us that Eddie is feeling angered and is trying to hold back on something, causing more tension. Another example of language being used as a dramatic device is while Eddie is "taking cheep shots" at Rodolfo - making out that he is homosexual - with the dramatic devices before and after the comments, using a newspaper as his prop. "(He has been unconsciously twisting the newspaper into a tight roll. ...read more.


This is basically what Alfieri does, but on his own as a narrator and a prophet. Throughout the play, Alfieri plays many roles: Character, advisor, story teller, narrator, and prophet. Alfieri is a dramatic function. Using Alfieri in these various ways creates a good effect because he breaks down the play and in the end shows that how ever many ways he tried to help Eddie, it was impossible and the outcome was unavoidable. The main reason as to why Alfieri has all these roles is to break up the play and to make the audience see the play from 'A View from the Bridge, making him Miller's distancing technique. The events that occurred during 'A View from the Bridge' could quite easily happen in today's society, making the play relevant to today. I thought the play was really good as I can easily relate some of the events to my own life. I like it that the play has many moral messages and a lot of philosophical ideas amongst it, teaching us about life. "the law is nature. The law is only a word for what has a right to happen. When the law is wrong it's because it's unnatural" (Act 2, page 49) ?? ?? ?? ?? English 10S2 Tim Bradshaw ...read more.

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