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A view from the bridge - male personalities

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Introduction: Male personalities vary from what type of man he is; we see 'manliness' in three different ways. We are shown 'manliness' in Eddie, Marco and Rodolpho's eyes or picture of what 'manliness' is. In Eddie and Marco's ways of 'manliness' they both have 'duty and honour' for an example: Eddies' duty is to work for his wife Beatrice and his niece Catherine and his honour is his name and respect. As for Marco his duty is to protect Rodolpho and his honour is to find a job and send money back to his wife Maria and kids back in Italy, but in Rodolphos' case he show his 'duty and honour' duty is to become a citizen and to get enough money and buy a motorcycle. His honour is his love and respect towards Catherine. Essay: Eddie is seen as the commanding figure in the family. He uses different language towards everybody example he speaks towards Marco as his equal and his language towards him shows respect for him as a fellow male. ...read more.


desperate Eddie has become, but instead of questioning Rodolpho's sexuality, Eddie should be questioning his, for example whilst Rodolpho is going out with Catherine, Beatrice hasn't had sex for 3 months an is saying to Eddie ''when am I going to be a woman again Eddie?'' Back in the 50's homosexuals were a great deal of a shock to people and I would have imagined that it would have also be a great shock to the audience. Now a day more people are homosexuals, so the audience would have reacted differently by not thinking or so much of it. At the end of Act1 a great deal of 'manliness' is shown. By how Eddie teaches Rodolpho how to box and there was about 3 reasons I think the audience may have seen in this scene why Eddie wants to teach Rodolpho how to box. Firstly, Eddie wanted to release some anger out on Rodolpho (for flirting and dancing, etc with Catherine). Secondly, Eddie is trying to warn Rodolpho that he needs to now how to fight so that he can defend for Catherine when he is taking her out on a date. ...read more.


Illegal immigrants are still happening now and are either: Transported out of the country, back home. Taken to a school (of some kind) to learn e.g. the English Laws, language, etc. Alferi's statement 'settle for half' I think means not to tell anybody the entire truth of something, but to do what Alferi says 'settle for half' by only telling part of the story which in times is safer to do. The Italian Law is similar to the American Law, but in my opinion if you are an Italian immigrant then you should keep your Italian ways to yourself inside of your house not outside of the house. As the old saying goes 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer.' This is shown between Eddie and Marco. As a result of this saying most of the time there is a tragedy committed and in this case there was a tragedy committed. As for Arthur Miller I would have expected that he would of gone through some similar experiences like fights and deaths on the streets and also would have had Illegal/Legal immigrants in the country. Written by Christopher Clark ...read more.

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