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A View from the Bridge, Plot and Subplot

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Plot and Subplot The main plot of 'A View from the Bridge' is that of incest. From the beginning there are clear undertones of Eddie's intentions towards Katherine from the point they are onstage together. Eddie tells her how he wishes she didn't walk in such a 'wavy' manner as to attract the men but it is also clear he has a less than parental outlook upon the situation. This also continues with how he doesn't want Katherine to get a job or leave the house because he wants her to be with him all the time. Later on in the play Beatrice discusses Eddie's intentions towards Katherine with her and tries to make it clear how she shouldn't behave around him as she feels it gives the wrong message. This again is brought up by Beatrice in Act 2 when she is arguing with Eddie about how he should go to her wedding, B. tells Eddie 'You can't have her' referring to Katherine and his feelings for her. This also implies that B. is well aware of why Eddie isn't so close to her since Katherine has gotten a boyfriend. Eddie and Beatrice's lack of a sexual relationship could also be put down to how Katherine has grown as a woman and how Eddie has become more and more physically attracted to her. ...read more.


When the two get to the house Eddie instantly warms to Marco as he is the more masculine of the two, not just because of his personality and character but also his more apparent physical masculinity apposed to Rodolpho. Marco from his first entrance is described as a dark haired man who is also later described as a large man who is capable of lifting heavy weights by the two dock workers who are friends of Eddie. Rodolpho on the other hand makes a bad impression on Eddie because he looks less masculine and also behaves less masculine, Rodolpho begins singing and Eddie frowns upon this behaviour shouting at him to stop singing saying he doesn't want anyone to realise the immigrants were there. This is the first hint that Eddie does not like Rodolpho but is just a slight dislike. As Rodolpho and Katherine become closer and closer Eddie finds more reasons to dislike Rodolpho, the main being that he is taking Katherine away from him but also how he behaves at home and work. On one occasion when Eddie is waiting for Rodolpho and Katherine to come home he sees his friends Louis and Mike who begin talking to him about Rodolpho. ...read more.


When Rodolpho and Katherine's relationship becomes too much for Eddy he goes to visit Alfieri to ask him for advice on what to do about the relationship believing there is still something wrong with Rodolpho and his relationship with Katherine is also not right. Alfieri tells Eddy that he has no legal rights the only law they are breaking is hiding illegal immigrants, this is the initial seed that Alfieri plants and it makes Eddie think all he can do is get rid of Rodolpho by turning him in. Later on when the Immigration services arrive Eddie regrets what he has done but Marco then realises it was Eddie that gave them away shouting "He killed my children!" leading Eddie to defend himself making Marco out to be a liar. By the end of the play Marco has been let out of jail and goes to see Eddie, the two get into a fight in which Eddie draws a knife. Eddie chose not to run or give himself up but instead fought because of what he believed in trying to defend 'his name'. Eddie is killed by his own hand when Marco manages to protect himself from Eddie's blade. At this point the play ends on the significant point that Eddie was a victim of circumstance and he was the one who caused his own problems. ...read more.

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