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"A View from the Bridge" presents two totally diverse cultures. Discuss

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"A View from the Bridge" presents two totally diverse cultures. Discuss In A View from the Bridge, we encounter many cultural conflicts between the Italians and the American-Italians. The economic situation in America in comparison to the economic situation in Italy is extremely strong. In Italy, as Rodolpho says, the economic situation is terrible ; terrible enough to make Marco leave his wife and children to find work elsewhere, as his children are starving and unhealthy. We are informed of this when Marco tells Eddie and Beatrice, " The older one is sick in his chest. My wife -she feeds them from her own mouth. I tell you the truth, if I stay there, they will never grow up." Miller shows us that there are many similarities between Red Hook and Italy by using Alfieri's speech at the beginning of the play. Alfieri's constant reference to the Italian culture shows us that Red Hook is a district that is occupied by people that originate from Italy, and therefore has many Italian principles and ways of life. For instance, the belief of all Italians that betrayal of your family is the biggest sin is highlighted in Red Hook, not just by the tale of Vinny Bonzalo, but Eddie Carbone's tale as well. In this respect, Red Hook is extremely similar to Italy and so the two cultures are not totally diverse. ...read more.


Now, Alfieri says, in Red Hook they, 'settle for half'. This is a huge difference in culture because in Italy people rarely rely on the police or lawyers, and instead prefer to deliver justice themselves. This is shown when Marco says, "In my country he would be dead now. He would not live this long." This introduces the idea of the Mafia, and the Italian code of vendetta, as well as the emphasis that Italian people put on revenge and loyalty. It is made extremely obvious to us that although justice is important to Italians, the idea of the written law is not as appealing. We are informed of this at the very beginning of the play, when Alfieri also says to us, "Behind that suspicious nod of theirs lies three thousand years of distrust. In Sicily, from where their fathers came, the law has not been a friendly idea since the Greeks were beaten." There is a huge difference between the American-Italian and the Italian cultures on the subject of ethics and law, and widens the difference between the two cultures themselves. Family honour, as mentioned before is important in Italy. As long as your family is respected, then so are you. Therefore, to insult one person is to insult several other people. ...read more.


Red Hook, is as Alfieri tells us, "The gullet of New York swallowing the tonnage of the world." However, when we hear what Rodolpho and Marco tell us about Italy , we can see that the two places are very different in appearance. In Italy they have piazzas and fountains, as Rodolpho tells us, "We stand around all day in the piazza, listening to the fountains like birds." The fact that the idea of sardines in the sea and oranges on trees is unfamiliar shows us how barren and grim Red Hook must be, as well as polluted. Usually, if fish are not available in a dockland residence, it shows that there must be excessive pollution, and the unfamiliarity of trees tells us that Red Hook is not an area that is either pretty or upmarket. However, the housing in America is much better. Rodolpho informs us of this, when he says to Marco, "This is the first house I ever walked into in America!Imagine! She said they were poor!" The physical difference between Italy and Red Hook, the difference in economy and the difference in language are probably what make the two cultures in any way diverse. They are, however similar in many aspects, for instance, entertainment, family honour and justice are important to both cultures. Since both the cultures originate from Italy, you would expect to see similarities, and so they are not totally diverse. ...read more.

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