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"A view from the bridge" - Setting.

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Coursework The play "A view from the bridge" is set in the1950's, a tragedy about the lives of some Italian immigrants, whose paths cross, ending in death, separation and tragedy. The play is full of important events, and places, and it is its places we are looking at. Places are used by the author, Arthur Miller, to symbolize, represent, and portray a range of views, people, and actions. Certain places, like Italy, are mentioned lots, but no scenes themselves take place there. None the less, it is an important place in the play. Eddie and Beatrice's (Two main characters) appartment though, features heavily as a place where things take place, mainly conversations not actions, and is just as important place as Italy. The play is set in New York, and all the play takes place in "Red Hook", a district there. Places of importance include Italy (off stage), Red hook (as an overall district), Eddie's apartment, Alferi's office, and "The Street". I am looking at two of these places, Red Hook as a district, and Italy. One is onstage, and one is off, giving it good contrast, and lots to look at. Italy is a hidden presence in this play, never seen or shown, but always referred to. ...read more.


This could be for the benefit of the audience, who will be used to neighbourhoods like it, and can relate to the play better, and easier, and this will help them to understand it, and relate to it themselves. Miller uses it in this way to create more of an understanding and a better relationship with the audience. Miller uses Italy and Red Hook in a variety of ways, and for a variety of reasons. By mentioning houses, streets and workplaces, miller creates a "world" of play, making it more believable, and a part of an area. It makes places that the play is set in, like the apartment, seem more real, and making it fit in. for example, on page 10 Eddie says "near the navy yard plenty can happen in a block and a half!" this puts the place as a part of the play, making it seem more natural. When characters include names and places, Miller is trying to make the speech seem more natural, more flowing. People mention places and names instinctively in real life, so when this happens in a play, it seems more instinctive, and more like real life. It helps to draw the audience into the realism, and world, of the play. ...read more.


and Rodolfo replies "(laughing) sure, it's a feature of our town!" Then Catherine asks "why don't you have automobile taxi's?" and Rodolfo replies "there is one. We push that too(they laugh). Everything in our town, you gotta push!" this piece of light humor lessens early tension, and sets a more relaxed tone. Miller doesn't try to be overly funny, and sticks to words rather than actions to create comedy. He must have decided that the whole play shouldn't be just ever more intensive tension and darkness, but should have lighter parts as well. Miller also uses contrasts in his play. He contrasts U.S and Italian views on things like work and family. He does this to show cultural differences between certain characters, and the places in general. The two places are worlds apart, and Miller neatly tries to show this by contrasting the two. It is also used, to create tension, as Miller often does, between Rodolfo and Eddie. For example when Rodolfo says "it is not so free there (referring to Italy)", and Eddie replies "It aint so free over here either Kid." A argument about Rodolfo and Catherine follows this, sparked by Rodolfo and Eddie's conflicting views on how different the two cultures are in that particular area. The contrasts create another piece of discussion in Millers play, which he was probably trying to create. Miller uses Italy to historic and cultural realism. ...read more.

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