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A view from the bridge, show how Eddie Carbone brings his fate upon himself

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A view from the bridge- coursework "You want something else Eddie, and you can never have her"! By referring to the text, show how Eddie Carbone brings his fate upon himself. A View from the Bridge is set in the 20th century in Redhook, in New York, also known as the land of opportunity. Very familiar to immigrants. Redhook, a slum, home to many immigrants from Italy, here to fulfil their dreams. Redhook was a poor community but it was said to be a million dollars from what they had back in Italy. The houses in America were slums. People come in America in search of work. Not many jobs were available in Italy; therefore people were suffering from poverty and starvation. The jobs available in Italy were useless. You would probably earn a little less than half a dollar a week. Therefore people illegally immigrated to the land of opportunity, America. They felt America would fulfil their dreams, that it was food for their family. The buildings in Redhook considered being a fortune to the Italians, but slums to us. They were very tall and bulky. They looked very tall going in straight lines. The furniture looked old fashioned and in good condition, and they were very big. ...read more.


For example Louis states, "Believe me Eddie you got a lot of credit coming to you." This indicates he deserves a lot of credit. However early in the play we become aware that Eddie also has a bad side to him. He is overprotective because he treats Catherine like a child. For example Eddie states "You're a baby, you don't understand these things." This indicates that Eddie is being too overprotective. Eddie also has a macho attitude. For example Eddie states ..."he sings... paper doll they're callin' him, canary. He's like a weird". This indicates Eddie is making bad remarks about Rodolpho behind his back. Eddie also is an aggressive person. For example Eddie states, "Now, watch out here I come Danish"! This indicates Eddie is being violent towards Rodolpho. As the play progresses we realise that Eddie become jealous of Catherine and Rodolpho. Eddie wants to split up Catherine and Rodolpho so he humiliates Rodolpho by kissing him in front of Catherine. For example Catherine states "Eddie let go, ya hear me"! This indicates Eddie is trying to prove to Catherine that Rodolpho is gay, so Catherine can leave Rodolpho Eventually Eddie's behaviour becomes almost crazed. We see this when he tries to put Catherine on the right track. ...read more.


I think Alfieri is saying in his soliloquy that deep inside Eddie is a good person. For example Alfieri states, "I think I love him more than all my sensible clients." This indicates Alfieri is trying to say that Eddie was not a bad person after all. I would seem that Eddie is a totally crazed person, but however he does have a good side to him. For example Eddie states, "Because as soon as you see a tired relative I end up on the floor." This indicates that Eddie is generous, but that does not mean he is fully a good person. For example Eddie states, "You're a baby, you don't understand these things!" This indicates that Eddie is being overprotective, but however I personally think Eddie was a good person, because he was a tragic her, therefore he gave his life for Catherine. For example Alfieri states, "even as I know how wrong he was.... Something perversely pure caus to me from his memory. Not purely good, but himself purely, for he allowed himself to be wholly known and for that I think I will love him more than my sensible clients." This indicates Alfieri is trying to say that Eddie had his bad attitude for the sake of Catherine. By Abdul Kalam 10.6 ...read more.

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