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A View From The Bridge - Studying the text from the bottom of page 36, "Eddie Yeah I know. It's funny…" to the end of the scene, why would it be such an effective piece of theatre?

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A View From The Bridge Studying the text from the bottom of page 36, "Eddie Yeah I know. It's funny..." to the end of the scene, why would it be such an effective piece of theatre? Throughout the play all of the characters go through many different feelings and emotions. We can see that Eddie, especially, is shown to be a very protective and maybe jealous character. From almost the moment Rodolfo steps foot in his house, it is quite obvious that Eddie is very protective over Catherine. From this, he grows to dislike Rodolfo, as Rodolfo begins to get very friendly with Catherine and she begins to drift away from Eddie. This dislike for Rodolfo is shown very clearly at the top of page 37, where Eddie tries to humiliate him. "I know lemons are green, for Christ's sake... I said oranges they paint, I didn't say nothin' about lemons." At this point in the play, we also see that Beatrice appears to be stuck in the middle. Beatrice, being Eddie's wife, has to try to do what Eddie wants and support him, but she also has to try and keep the peace between him and Rodolfo, at the same time doing what is best for Catherine. ...read more.


Tension would also be created when Catherine asks Rodolfo to dance. "Catherine (flushed with revolt) you wanna dance, Rodolfo? (EDDIE freezes)" We also see here that Rodolfo wants to stay civil with Eddie, as he refuses to dance with Catherine "(In deference to EDDIE)". Despite this Catherine convinces Rodolfo to dance with her. The next few stage directions on page 40 are used very tactfully to create a lot of tension, and, if performed on stage would most likely get the audience very involved in the play. Eddie becomes very agitated whilst watching Rodolfo and Catherine dance, as shown in the following stage directions. "(He has been unconsciously twisting the newspaper into a tight roll...)... (He has bent the rolled paper and it suddenly tears in two. He suddenly gets up and pulls his pants over his belly and goes to MARCO)". The following events suggest that Eddie is beginning to try and show that he is the boss in the house, and that he is in charge. Eddie suggests that himself, Marco and Rodolfo go to watch the boxing, and then starts a fight with Rodolfo, saying he will "teach" him how to fight, while secretly he may just want to inflict pain on Rodolfo to show he has power over him. ...read more.


To present the play on stage and for it to have its full effect would need special attention on lighting and placing of the actors. For example, at the end of the scene where Marco hold the chair above his head, there could be a bright spotlight focused on just Eddie and Marco, and only a dim light on the rest of the stage, making the two actors the centre of attention. Also, at the very begins of the play, all of the actors could be quite close together on the stage, and as the play develops the actors could start to spread apart, to show that they are drifting away from each other all the time. Also, when Catherine and Rodolfo are dancing there could be a bright light on the two, and Eddie maybe in the dark or dimmer light, showing that Catherine and Rodolfo are shutting him out almost. All in all, the stage directions in the play help to create a lot of tension and help to get the audience involved in how each character is feeling. However, with the help of a few tactical lighting effects and placing of actors on the stage, the play's quality can be greatly increased. ...read more.

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