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"A View From the Bridge". The main themes in this play are justice and law.

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1. A view from the bridge is a dramatic, tragic play written by Arthur miller about a man called Eddie Carbone and ordinary Italian man who is faced with the challenge of sheltering his wife?s two immigrant cousins from Sicily (Marco and Rodolfo) who are looking for work. The main themes in this play are justice and law. Justice is a concept of moral rightness and the act of being just or fair whereas laws can be defined as rules and regulations set by the authorities. Justice can vary through the minds of different people, coming from different communities, as people are from different cultures and traditions, where what is considered 'right' or 'just' may be very different to that in other places. The play is set in red hook, Brooklyn during the 1950s and explores the Italian Sicilians traditional sense of justice; know as the Omerta, compared to the American constitutional form of justice. 1. The American laws and the community?s rules conflict throughout the play. The community abides to their Omerta. ...read more.


This is a good example of how New York has benefited and become a safer place due to the law. The transition from natural law to constitutional law seems difficult for Marco as he still behaves the way he would In Italy. The American law diminishes his opinion and beliefs. For example Marco says ?in my country Eddie would be dead now?. This shows Marco?s anger towards what has been done to him and later on says ?he degraded my brother my blood?where is the law for that?? it is clear that Marco Is disappointed by the way the American law is unable to aid him in a way he believes is just and evenhanded. 1. Alfieri, as a lawyer, is aware that the law, despite its limitations, must be encouraged. However, he is also aware of the inability of the law to dispense total justice. He feels powerless to intervene when a character in the play decides to find justice in his own way - outside the law. Eddie Carbone is a man who does not understand the reasons for the limitations of the law. ...read more.


However the main question is it ?better to settle for half?. Miller shows how natural law can lead to death and tragedy and how constitutional law can lead to being excommunicated. The quote "most of the time now we settle for half? explains how the law may never be able to deliver total and ultimate justice, therefore being unable to satisfy everybody. Marco and Eddie are a perfect example of characters that are not willing to settle for half even though others around them have. 1. To conclude miller helps us see the different forms of justice and how justice can differ in different communities. This is presented through each characters different view of justice. Miller also shows us how the law is unable to dispense total justice and to gain full justice you must take the law into your own hands. However taking the law into their own hands only lead to tragedy as seen through the conflict between Eddie and Marco. Miller shows how these men were too ruled by their emotions to be trusted to see what was right or wrong. Their delusion only resulted in death and tragedy. ...read more.

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