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A View from the Bridge - The relationship between Eddie and Catherine

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A View from the Bridge! The relationship between Eddie and Catherine is very tight. Although Eddie is not Catherine's father, he is a very strong father figure to her and the man of the house. Eddie is very protective of Catherine in both positive and negative ways. "I took out of my own mouth to give to her; I took out of my own mouth." Eddie really loves and cares for Catherine, and will do anything to protect and look after her, but his love for her is obsessive and possessive. Catherine is old enough to go out to work, and to attract the attention of the young men as she walks down the streets. Eddie is not happy with this. This is shown when Eddie says "Listen, you been givin' me the willies the way you walk down the streets I mean it?" I think this quote suggests that Eddie wants to keep Catherine to himself. He does not realise that she is old enough to go her way. Eddie still treat's Catherine like a baby. This is shown when Eddie says, " Katie, I promised your mother on her deathbed. ...read more.


Catherine is innocent and she's to close to Eddie which aint suitable. ( She's always around Eddie wearing short clothes.) This is shown when Beatrice says, "You still walk around in front of him in your slip." All these points have affected Eddie's marriage to Beatrice as Eddie gives more attention to his niece Catherine. This is revealed when Beatrice asks Eddie "When am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie?." I personally think Eddie his given his sexual life up with Beatrice, and is after Catherine. He has no sexual desire for Beatrice. When ever Beatrice asks Eddie about being a wife again, Eddie always makes excuses up such as: I got a headache, don't feel right etc... This is shown when Eddie says " I aint been feelin' good ." I would say these excuses are for women not men. Eddie's interest aint in Beatrice anymore. Catherine is the one who's caught his eye. Although Beatrice is horrified by Eddie's actions, she is loyal and turns to him instead of away from. This is because of her love for him as well as the Catholic marriage and the belief that is a life long commitment. ...read more.


In my personal view I think that Eddie believes Rodolpho to be homosexual which for him is an excuse to keep Catherine and Rodolpho apart. Looking at all the words Eddie has said for Rodolpho comes to a conclusion that Eddie is simply jealous of Rodolpho and that deep down he doesn't think Rodolpho is "GAY". Eddie always says to Catherine that Rodolpho wants to marry her for his passport only and than dump her. This is shown when Eddie says" Katie, he's only bowin' to his passport." In one way, Eddie has a point about immigration. Catherine reacts badly to this and the tension between everyone in the flat grows. Coming to a conclusion in some ways Eddie deserves sympathy since he could not distinguish his feelings to his niece. He does not really understand his improper desire and therefore is unable to hide these feelings for his wife Beatrice. In Real Life, however Eddie in my view does not deserve sympathy since not every man would love their nieces the way he did and had to pay for the consequences of his actions. In general it can be said that he had a wife that stood by him through out. This is not always practical in life. Created by Krina Patel 10AK ...read more.

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