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A View From the Bridge - The whole of this play involves symbolism, on many different levels.

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` A View From the Bridge The whole of this play involves symbolism, on many different levels. The end scene, in which Eddie takes his own life with his own knife is symbolic of the self-destructive nature that led to such an ending. As Arthur Miller wished to write 'a modern Greek tragedy� it is likely that the symbolism of the dagger is Eddie�s sexuality, which drove him to his drastic actions and eventually death. During the confrontation earlier in the play Marco raised a chair like a weapon, symbolic of the fight yet to come. Rudolpho danced with Catherine when she had previously been attending to Eddie, symbolic of him taking her from Eddie�s life. Therefore it seems natural to reason that Miller intended the title of the play to have some significance other than the geography of the location. The most obvious interpretation is of the audience sharing with Alfieri an unbiased overview of the unfolding of events. It is like being able to see from a bridge over a river, our vision uncluttered by opinions as it would be by the side of the river, or perhaps even as part of the river. The spray and swirling of currents of a river could represent the uncertain nature of life that clouds our perceptions and the flow of water the rush of emotions that carry us from birth to death. Though, even Alfieri is not completely removed from the happenings of the play, he takes an active part in the play as well as providing the 'chorus� character of the Greek format that Miller used. He is part of the American culture, but also part of the Italian culture, he also knew the family "I had represented his father in an accident case some years before, and I was acquainted with the family in a casual way." Perhaps this is why he is able to give a balanced opinion and to counsel Eddie (though his advice is unheeded). ...read more.


Anybody found doing so will be permanently banned. You can see how, by dropping the final letter on some words and changing the correct order of the words in the second sentence, Miller has made the language realistic. This paper from www.coursework.info This work from www.coursework.info A view from the bridge 'A view from the bridge' by Arthur Miller is a tragic intense play about family struggle, lust, passion and deceit. My aim is too look at the relationship of Catherine and Eddie. To understand the relationship, we must understand the atmosphere and culture. To do this we need to know why Miller wrote the play, background history and why this is significant to understanding the relationship between Catherine and Eddie. Arthur miller wrote the play in reflection of his own life and experiences. During World War 2 he worked as a ship fitter where he met many Italians, many of which were Sicilians like the characters in the play. At the time Brooklyn's population was increasing with immigrants and refugees many from Italy). These Italians look for work as Italy was unstable and had large mass of unemployment. Many of the immigrants were illegal, and so if anyone were to go to the immigration bureau and inform them, they would be shipped back to their country with no money, but with a family to feed. So for anyone to do this would be a great insult to the Italian community. This is one of the main aspects of the play, betrayal. Arthur miller makes it clear early in the play how it would affect someone who would betray their family, when Eddie tells Catherine the story of Vinny Bolzano, the story of a boy who deceived his uncle and told the immigration bureau. "They spit on him on the street", "you'll never see him again" this gives a great understanding of how deceitful it is and how someone would become a victim of family and community. ...read more.


He has been employed at the docks and is told he will get plenty of work until he pays off his debt to the people who smuggled him to America and then he will have to struggle like every one else. I pity Rodolfo because all he tries to do is please people and enjoy himself, he does not understand what he is getting into when he falls in love with Catherine. I am not angry with him as far as I can tell he did nothing wrong. An audience should react the same sort of way that they should Beatrice he is a victim in this he loves Catherine and never meant to hurt anyone, yet he is ridiculed on the docks and hated by Eddie. His lively personality makes him a memorable character.coge ger segegew orge gek inge foge ge. Marco is a more reclusive man. He is also from Italy and is an illegal immigrant; he has a wife and children who are starving in Italy. He travelled to America so he would be able to send money to his family so they can eat. He is very grateful to the Carbone's for helping him and his family. He seems to understand Eddie's feelings toward Rodolfo quickly, and warns Eddie off. He later realises that it was Eddie who tipped off the Immigration Bureau and tells Eddie he has killed his family. Later Marco kills him ending the play. I pity him because he only went to America so that he could keep his family healthy. But when Eddie turns him in he as very likely killed his family. He has been used to get at Rodolfo and that was unfair, but I also feel angry towards him he should not have killed Eddie that probably made things worse, he would probably go to prison and not be able to do anything for his family. He is memorable because he kills Eddie and that's about it. This cours from , in the end we have come no closer to any "real" knowledge. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Miller section.

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