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A Walk Through The Woods

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´╗┐It was an ordinary forest, as far as dark, sinister woods go, filled with mostly rotting old oak trees clustered together. Their gnarled branches reaching out like bony fingers, distressed bark twisted and tangled together, challenging anyone to enter their midst. Splashes of wild grass stood lifeless, invaded by roses, untamed and barren. Plants that were once green were now a sickly shade of yellow, wilting at their roots; bending at their knees. It was an ordinary forest, a place that brought neighbouring communities and villages together; eventually these communities and villages grew to become cities and towns. Sunlight filtered through every gap in the vibrant trees, illuminating the reflection on the water?s face. Flowers of all colours and shapes blossomed under the sun?s ray. The forest was bursting with life. Squirrels leapt from branch to branch, bees hummed from flower to flower, rodents and reptiles and a large variety of birds all nestled together in a small happy community. ...read more.


?No because then we?ll most likely fail the training course if we start lacking behind at this stage.? ?Well then what are we supposed to do? We?ve been walking since 11 o?clock with these enormous backpacks, I?m so tired and I know that that is not the way.? ?How do you know, if we haven?t tried it? Look,? he suggested, ?how about we go through to the other side and if the checkpoint isn?t there, then we can stop.? She hesitated. ?Oh? I see. Is Emily scared of a little forest?? He teased. ?What?? Her face flushed red, ?no I?m not!? ?Then why aren?t you coming with me?? She realized he had backed her into a corner. ?Fine.? She huffed walking past Mark. ?Let?s just find this stupid checkpoint.? Fallen branches snapped under the weight of the two as they walked. The land here was damp and wet in the spring triggered by melted snow from the previous winter, leaving the stand of trees, and sparse overgrown yellow grass overrun by rogue strands of crippled ivy choking anything in its path. ...read more.


Mark began to walk closer to it. ?What are you doing?? Emily questioned pulling Mark back. ?Let?s check it out.? He walked closer. Emily cautiously followed in his tracks. ?Can?t we walk around?? Her voice trailed off when she realized Mark wasn?t listening. Once they walked within reaching distance of it they stopped to examine this unusual finding. There didn?t seem much to it other than a dead tree and they were about to move on when Emily noticed something unusual. The fog had now cleared, revealing a starry sky which was rarely seen in this part of the world. For a few seconds it was a reminder of what this forest used to be. Birds whistling in the wind, squirrels chattering noisily at one another under the beam of the sun, the vibrant colours of the flowers swaying to and fro with the wind. All gone. A piercing scream ripped through the still cold air. The day had now ended for the two adventurers. And it was their last. ...read more.

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