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A Week In My Life

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A Week In My Life Up for seven in the morning however, the land of Nod beckons me back for another hour or so, and I'm not going to say no! Cold mornings never help to encourage me to get out of bed. The sky outside is grey; the room is cold, yet my bed is warm and comfy. No competition? If only! My bed would be an ideal place to stay, but unfortunately I have to go to College, so I get up and head for the bathroom to get washed and changed. I preferred my old bedroom as it is bigger, but I had to move into smaller room. ...read more.


I worry about lots of things. I worry about homework; football, relationships and I worry about worrying. Strange, I know, but everyone worries (I hope), it just seems not as much as me. Come to think of it life is full of worries. I'm now worrying about what to write next, whether I'll get a good grade for it, which then leads on to worrying about my whole future. I know that there's not much point in worrying, what will happen will happen. If I get told off for not doing my coursework, it happens. ...read more.


On a Saturday I may go into town with some friends, which will usually consist of me having to get ready, find something clean to wear (I'm not exaggerating, it really is like that), and then see if I've got any money. Sunday morning will either mean getting up very early, about 8:30, or lying in as long for as I can. Usually in the evening I'll watch TV until about six, then check my e-mails and go on the Internet for a bit, eat, do my coursework, watch more TV and then go to bed, the best place in the world after a day at school, so relaxing! ...read more.

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