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A winter never to be forgotten

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A winter never to be forgotten In the terrible winter of 2002 a young man named Mark Kyle was staying in his parents cabin on the outskirts of Detroit. Marks fianc´┐Że Kortney Skelly was to follow him up a few days later. On the night Kortney was to arrive Mark decided to plan a romantic evening to surprise her. As he began to set up candles around the dining room of the cabin for Kortney's arrival he discovered that there was not enough firewood to last them throughout the night. So he put on his winter jacket, stepped out into the cold and misty night and gathered firewood from the pile which was kept at the side of the cabin. As Mark was collecting firewood he noticed Kortney's car parked about fifty yards from the cabin. As Mark approached Kortney's car he noticed footprints and what seemed to be dragging marks. Mark began to get very worried as he started to follow the prints. As Mark followed the strange tracks into the dark, misty woods even his broad, bulky physique began to fiercely tremble with the fear of what he might discover. His dog Jack ran a few meters in front of him. Mark heard the distinct barking of Jack. Mark immediately ran towards the barking to see what had disturbed him. ...read more.


The next morning Marks parents Mr and Mrs Kyle came to the cabin to see how he and Kortney were getting on but were shocked at the police tape across the road. They parked their car at the side of the road and walked under the tape. As the drew closer to the cabin they saw Mark sitting on the steps with a cup of coffee in his hand and they began to run towards him. The police stopped them and asked them who they were. They then told the police that they were Marks parents and that this was their cabin. The police explained what happened and they determined that Mark was innocent but Kortneys killer was unfortunately still at large. Marks parents desperately wanted to see their son but the police wanted to ask them questions about who would want to do this to Kortney. They told the police that Kortney was a lawyer and she had put many people in jail so there could be countless numbers of people who would want to kill Kortney. This information greatly helped the crime scene investigators because if the killer was an ex-convict then the fingerprints lifted from the crime scene would match those in the police data base and they would be able to track him or her down to bring them to the police station for interrogation. ...read more.


When they reached the house they surrounded it and asked Jennifer to come out of the house with her hands up with a speaker phone. Jennifer did come out with her hands above her head and one of the S.W.A.T officers ran up to her and handcuffed her hands behind her back so she could not get away. When the police got Jennifer into the station they took her into the interrogation room but she told them that she was not going to say anything unless she got an attorney. She could not afford to pay her own attorney so the police provided one for her. After four hours in the interrogation room with no new information the officer put Jennifer in a cell for the night and they would try to get her to talk in the morning. The attorney told Jennifer if she pleas guilty to first degree murder then she would get out of jail in a minimum of thirty years. Jennifer was very reluctant to agree with this but her attorney then explained what would happen if she plead not guilty, so at the end Jennifer went through with it. The date for the murder case was set and on the day that Jennifer was to appear in court she was shot dead walking into the court by a sniper on the roof, so another murder case was soon to begin but this time everyone knows who it was. TO BE CONTINUED............... BY Christopher McLaughlin 11C ...read more.

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