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A Woman to Her Lover' is about a woman who is expressing her feelings in the way the way she, as well as other women, shouldn't be treated. In stanza one she portrays how she doesn't want to be treated

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Pre 20th Century Poetry Coursework The aim of this coursework is to find out and show how women and their role in life are depicted. The first poem I shall study is 'A Woman to Her Lover' where the women is stating how she does not want to be treated by her man and the way that she does not want to be enslaved by him. At this time in history the way that women were treated and shown where like they should worship and pay lots of attention and gratitude to their husbands. Along with this they are expected to be house hold slaves as well as to please her mans sexual desires. 'A Woman to Her Lover' is about a woman who is expressing her feelings in the way the way she, as well as other women, shouldn't be treated. ...read more.


comparison with 'To His Coy Mistress' which states "but thirty thousand to the rest" which also tells us about how men viewed a woman's value in this time period. The quote from 'To His Coy Mistress' relates to how he wants to admire her body of all her intimate features and then admire the rest which shows the importance of women at the time. Stanza three of 'A Woman to Her Lover' describes how she still will not be his slave, but this time especially about her body and to his deep sexual desires. The quote in stanza three states "My body supple only for your sense delight" which is compared to 'When We Two Parted'. This is about when two people have split apart from a relationship. 'A Woman to Her Lover' is similar to 'When We Two Parted' because Christina wants a true love so this is different. ...read more.


She also states how brilliant and wonderful her life would be if he treated her as an equal and also persuading him to treat her with more respect. She says "And our co-equal love will make the stars laugh with joy" also suggesting to him to treat her better and then possibly there true love will start to blossom. The quote mentioning co-equal love compares with 'Remember' in the way that the woman in Christina Rossettis 'Remember' has the co-equal love that the woman in 'A Woman to Her Lover' so desires. I have proved throughout my coursework that women and there role in life is depicted in a derogatory way. However, It also shows how women started to stand up to their lovers and spouses. 'A Woman to Her Lover' is very ahead of is time as it has a woman standing up for herself and telling her lover how she does not want to be treated. ...read more.

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