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A young boy left his school via the back door, fifteen minutes after everyone else had left, and there was a reason for this.

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A young boy left his school via the back door, fifteen minutes after everyone else had left, and there was a reason for this. At his school Andros was, well he was different, nothing big, he just listened to different music, dressed differently and had, and this was probably the most noticeable thing about him, green hair. He liked the way he dressed, he liked what he listened to, and he liked his hair, too bad nobody else did. "Great," he muttered under his breath as he noticed a group of kids standing near the back gate, he wondered who was going to beat him up today. As he got closer he noticed the dark blue jackets, the Jocks. There was no point in running, he'd tried that before, and fighting back didn't work to well either, not against guys these size, and 'standing up to them' was just a story adults told you to make you feel better, the best plan Andros had found was to go and take it, running would just exhaust him, not a good thing to be when they caught up. Andros continued on his path towards the 'Jocks', "At least I'll be home earlier" he said to himself. "Hey Andy," shouted Spade, the smallest of the Jocks, and more of a lackey, he did what Ace, the 'head Jock', told him, "Come over here we want to talk to you." ...read more.


Andros stood up, "Sir I don't think you're the best person for the counsellor, I mean I don't think whackos are the best people for finding out of other people are whackos, no offence." Mr Kenly sighed and followed Andros to the door, "If you want to leave that's ok, but if you want to find out what you can do, and more importantly, who you are, please stay." Andros opened the door, but then hesitantly closed it again, "Fine, tell about my father." Mr Kenly pulled out a chair from under a desk and sat down, motioning for Andros to do the same. Andros slumped into the chair and Mr Kenly said, "When your father was 15 he got badly beat up one day and started choking and sputtering and he just threw up acid everywhere, over time he was able to refine this ability, and then the other abilities, powers if you will, began to grow. Telekinesis and flight used to make him particularly weak, and I believe that is what happened to you today, you exhausted yourself so much that you blacked out." Andros decided to try and be open minded about this thing, so now he knew, his dad, who he had never met, as far as he knew, was some kind of mutant, "Mr Kenly," he said, "Do these powers have anything to do with my dad...dieing?" ...read more.


Andros bolted straight up, not knowing where he was, "You fainted, the doctors said it was from exhaustion," explained the girl. Andros went to open his mouth but she said, "Its fine, don't worry, I didn't tell them that you had those powers or whatever it was." Andros nodded, "Thank you," he said gratefully. The girl's face showed an expression of amazement and surprise, she said, "I should be the one thanking you, you saved my life. By the way my name is Sarah, and I know you're Andros. I'll see you around school," she added as she hugged Andros around the neck. As the girl walked out of the room Mr Kenly entered looking both worried and proud, "I heard what had happened," he said, "The doctor's told me you fought Ace to save Sarah, and then Sarah explained to me the whole story. That was a very stupid thing you did...but I'm sure you father would have been proud of you" he smiled widely at Andros, "Ace has a concussion," he continued, "but he'll be fine, and the doctors said he would go to jail for a few years for rape." Andros lay back down on the bed, his head spinning, "I guess this is the start of my superhero career," said Andros with a grin, and he quickly went back to sleep. ...read more.

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