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A01: What do Roman Catholic Christians believe about marriage?

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A01: What do Roman Catholic Christians believe about marriage? The sacrament of Marriage is an arrangement of prayers and signs which express the nature of Christian marriage. Those who take part in the Sacrament with faith and a sincere mind receive the grace of God to help them fulfil their promises. Marriage is a way in which couples show their true love and commitment to each other in both the eyes of the Church and of the law. Marriage is a sacred commitment between a man and a woman for life, where they declare their love before God and the community. Marriage is a covenant which demands 100% effort by both people. Marriage is a journey of love until death parts a couple. Most Catholics celebrate their marriage during a Nuptial Mass. This special ceremony has signs of Catholic marriage, which is that marriage is: a sacrament, permanent, exclusive and life-giving. ...read more.


Death only frees another person to marry again. This is reinforced through the Old Testament readings: Genesis 2:24 "that is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united with his wife, and they become one". The rings, which are a required symbol in marriage symbolise the never ending love that the couple have for each other, through the circular shape. In the marriage ceremony the couple share the host and drink from the same cup, this is to show their unity for life. When a couple agree to get married they are asked three questions. One of these emphasises that marriage is permanent: * Are you ready to love and honour each other as man and wife for the rest of your life? If marriage is to be permanent the couple must agree to this question. During the vows a couple make a solemn commitment when they give the sacrament to each other. ...read more.


Love always flows outward. For most couples that out-going love is seen in parenthood. But the vocation of parents is not just to bring new life into the world, their vocation involves helping any children they have to grow as God wants. Love exchanged in sex is life giving because it has the potential to create new human life. Sex promotes growth of the human race. Families develop from the loving relationship of married couples. The 3rd question that the Priest asks the couple "Are you ready to accept children lovingly from God and bring them up according to the law of Christ and his Church?" shows us that marriage is intended to be life-giving. The reading of Genesis 1:28 "Have many children so that your descendants will live all over the earth" also reinforces that marriage is intended to be life-giving. From my studies I can now conclude that Roman Catholic Christians believe that marriage is a sign that a couple have promised everlasting love to each other. This love, if possible should produce children. ?? ?? ?? ?? Marriage Coursework A01 Shane McCudden 12D Page: 1 ...read more.

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