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A01: What do Roman Catholic Christians believe about marriage?

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A01: What do Roman Catholic Christians believe about marriage? Marriage is a spiritual union made before God, between a man and woman. This union is made to reflect Jesus' love for His church and cannot be separated by man. A couple do this by living out their life-long love for each other. In the Roman Catholic Church marriage is seen to consist of four elements. It is permanent, life- giving, exclusive and is a sacrament. Marriage is one of the most important decisions in a person's life as its consequences last forever. Marriage can be best described as a covenant as it asks for 100% effort by both partners. A marriage should not be thought of as a contract because in a contract a person gives in order to receive. If one partner does not give the 50% for one reason or another, the relationship rests on a weak basis and is more likely to fail. The word covenant goes back to Old Testament times when God made promises to people like Abraham and Moses. ...read more.


However, Christian marriages do fail, as some problems can be difficult to solve. Free Churches also usually accept a civil divorce and allow re-marriage. Marriage is good news because it is a sign of God's incredible love for us. Marriage is an ongoing sign of Jesus' presence to the husband and wife. It really is fantastic news to know that day in and day out a couple have the love of the Lord to sustain them in sorrow and joy, in bad times as well as in good times. Because marriage is a sacrament of God's grace, it really is great news that the husband and wife bring Christ and his good news of love, forgiveness and unity to each other. Catholics believe marriage to be exclusive therefore it must not involve adultery as committing adultery breaks the 6th commandment, "thou shall not commit adultery." A married couple must be prepared to love each other exclusively and commit to unconditional love and fidelity for the rest of their lives. ...read more.


The words spoken during the exchanging of rings "Wear this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit" also show us the exclusiveness of marriage. Marriage is life giving. The love of a husband and wife is a life-giving love. Its first function is to help the couple to grow in love, but that love cannot be self-contained. Love always flows outward. For most couples that out-going love is seen in parenthood. But the vocation of parents is not just to bring new life into the world; their vocation involves helping any children they have to grow as God wants. Love exchanged in sex is life giving because it has the potential to create new human life. Sex promoted growth of the human race. Families develop from the loving relationship of married couples. From my studies I can conclude that Roman Catholic Christians believe that marriage is a bond between two people which must not be broken, it is a sign of love and a sacrament and is intended to be life-giving. Marriage Coursework A01 12A ...read more.

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