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Abigail Williams is at the centre of some of the most sensational events in Salem. Show how Miller has used her to create dramatic tension in his play.

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller Abigail Williams is at the centre of some of the most sensational events in Salem. Show how Miller has used her to create dramatic tension in his play. Abigail Williams is one of the central characters in the play. Miller describes her as having "an endless capacity for dissembling," this means that she can act very well. She is the cause of much of the sensational events that happen in the play and she also starts the conflicts between the people of the village. The play is set in the 17th Century in Salem. The sensational events in Salem are the witch-hunts that happen throughout the play. The people in Salem are Puritans; this means that they work very hard and are not allowed many pleasures and no leisure time. They also believe in witchcraft. Abigail is present throughout the play, except the end after she has run away. Her presence is constantly felt in the play because she creates all the conflict and dramatic climaxes, this is basically all of the action that happens in the play. ...read more.


Another is when in an exciting or tense moment there is quite often some words that are skipped to make the points of tension move along faster and appear tenser. These devices made it sound strange to us so we think of it as old fashioned. Abigail's language is at times quite violent showing her as a violent person. She threatens the girls by saying "I will come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you." This shows that she is violent and even threatens to possibly kill one of the other girls of they tell anyone that it did not have any thing to do with witch craft. This is also a line that Miller has made very striking in its description. Abigail is a very powerful character. She is willing to do almost anything and lie to get her own way. She is quite disturbed, this is partly because she saw her parents being killed and also as she becomes so involved in the story she starts to lose control of things and everything just happens as though she isn't in control any more. ...read more.


She has a particularly bad relationship with Elizabeth because she once had an affair with Proctor, and then tries to get Elizabeth hung so Abigail could have Proctor for herself and so this makes Elizabeth hate Abigail even more. This bad relationship, that Abigail has created, adds lots of tension to the play. We can conclude that Miller has used Abigail in a very effective way to create dramatic tension. The main way he has done this is by creating the relationships between the characters, in particular the bad relationship between Abigail and Elizabeth is the thing that creates the most tension in the play. Abigail is a very strong character. She is quite violent and appears scary towards other characters. The language that she uses reflects her character quite well, she uses archaic language that sounds and reads differently to our English so it makes it sound old fashioned. The points of tension in the play are almost all created by or involve Abigail in some way, either what she has said or done. 7 May, 2007 Richard Moseley 101/2 1 ...read more.

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