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Abortion, Right or Wrong?

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Abortion, Right or Wrong? We all have to make tons of significant decisions throughout our lives, from choosing a kindergarten to a nursing home. As a matter of fact, I think deciding whether to stop your pregnancy by having an abortion is the most difficult and important decision to make. In the novel, Sam's aunt Ms. Faulkner was facing the same problem. She was pregnant after she broke up with her ex-boyfriend. Her parents were suggesting that she should get an abortion, because they did not want to have any more connections with the baby's father. Eventually, Ms.Faulkner decided to keep the baby and raised her to become a successful person. What she chose is completely right, and I totally agree with what she did. Furthermore I think she was a very responsible person. Abortion is a way of getting rid of the responsibly of taking care of an unborn baby, and it is certainly a cruel thing to do. ...read more.


It is a policy which states that each family can only have a maximum of one child, unless they are twins or triplets. In addition to that, the women are forced to take the hysterectomy surgery after they had their second child, in order to prevent further pregnancy. The other big factor that causes the people in China to have the abortions actually has nothing to do with the culture and religion, but the emotional pressures which are given by the people around. Many women decide to have abortions because they are not married. I think having a baby before marriage is not supposing a big problem, but instead it gradually becomes a big deal. It probably is because of the judgments. As a matter of fact, Chinese families value their reputations more than anything else; they don't allow any smears in their families. So the pregnant women usually get pressures from both their families and the other people around. Abortion should not be allowed anywhere in the world, because it is morally wrong. It is similar to murder. ...read more.


I think if the woman is able to give birth without any life threats to her, then she probably should give the baby a chance to live. Even though you realize that you cannot offer a good living environment to the baby afterwards, you can always ask for help from the aids programs or you can even send the baby to the adopting centers. In conclusion, it is a personal decision on whether or not to get an abortion. People need to make their decisions depending on many factors. I hope that anyone out there who is planning on getting an abortion to reconsider, because quick decisions usually are not safe decisions. Do not get influenced by the people around you. There is a saying, "A wise woman makes her own decisions, and an ignorant woman follows public opinion." I am not criticizing anyone's choice, but I really hope that they would give the unborn a chance. I hope it is not too much to ask. ?? ?? ?? ?? COURSE: ENG2D1-07 NAME: GUAN JIE XUE DATE: 2010/11/2 ...read more.

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