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About Happiness, Love and Purport of Life.

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Kaktyte Egle Professor Aaron T. Richardson Critical Thinking about Contemporary Issues PHI 100 18 December 2003 About Happiness, Love and Purport of Life A man searches for the basement of happy existence for all his life. However, after coming up with the idea which has been on one's mind for along time, it does not seem as important as it seemed before. It is said that the most frequent failure in happiness is dreaming about happiness. The life gets it's meaning when one knows what to live for. Happiness is not only a goal set in one's life but the whole process of getting to that goal. It is the joy of completeness of life and harmony with life. On the other hand, no one is protected from loosing an ability to enjoy the permanent joy. Everyone experience suffering and disillusions that help to realize the world as it is with full consciousness thus raise a wish to face the challenges of life and overcome them. ...read more.


Happiness is ability to balance between what one needs and what one can afford. So the most important thing is to find the happy medium. The happy find the joy even in little things and thus gain energy. They are capable to integrate short-term interests. Although they are communicative, they do not fall in close relationship with everyone but are frank, helpful and committed to their really close people. Happiness is somewhere beside us but we do not realize it. If we act, as we were happy, then we would be happy. We will have everything what we will truly believe in. No one can empoison your life except yourself. Our life is foredoomed by our actions, thoughts and decisions. We are the architects of our fates. Almost everyone would agree that love is the propellant of our lives. But the one who loves has to have natural warmth of heart and good will. ...read more.


A man experiences periods in his life that help him to realize his opportunities and tactics. With the skill and experience a man gains in his life he makes a sense of his being. Being here and now is sot of school where one has to take exams time to time. If one passes the exam, one can go further up the mountain of evolution. If one fails the life goes down. It is said that a man can realize his self best when he is at his dying hour. However one can meet the end of the life by raving against one's fate while the other can remain still and look back at one's life by enjoying the fruits of it. To realize the purport of life is to feel satisfaction that everything you did is done well. If a man does not have will, resolution, persistence, he does not reach the aim and purport of his life. To sum up, there are no miracles in life. Life is a miracle itself with love, happiness and purport of life in it. 1 Kaktyte ...read more.

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