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About King John and his family.

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Most say that King John of England was a bad king. But John himself had a different opinion; "In my opinion I did a good job, even though my father, (Henry II) and my brother, (Richard the Lionheart) left me with huge problems and very little money. I worked amazingly hard and had great success, but I never got the credit I deserved. People always believe the stories my enemies tell!" This speech makes me feel a bit of sympathy for the poor fellow, not much money to run the country with, big problems and it sounds like a broken heart! But he says it in such a way which makes you feel sorry for him, I wonder if that was actually meant? This following speech is an interesting one because it tells the main reason why people don't like King John. "They don't like me because of the Robin Hood legend; in it I am shown as a greedy beggar who doesn't know any better than to treat people unfairly and to behave in a cowardly way". Here is some information about King John's family, he had a generally loving and kind family but they left him with huge difficulties. Henry II 1154-1189 (d. 1189) Henry II, John's father was a hard working man; he made the barons obey the laws and increased the size of his empire. ...read more.


But it is rather understandable that John neglected his brother, because after plotting against him and perhaps Richard finding out, I don't think Richard would appreciate his help at this point in time. Richard returns Richard was released from prison in 1194, on a payment of a huge ransom. He claimed back the land that King Philip had taken from him, and John was forced to ask his brothers forgiveness. Richard did not punish John because of his thoughtfulness and forgiving ways. In 1199, Richard was badly wounded and named John as his heir to the throne. A rival for the throne After Richard's death John's claim to the throne was supported by the barons of England and Normandy, but the barons in the rest of the empire chose Arthur of Brittany, John's 12 year old nephew, to be their ruler. John captured Arthur and imprisoned him in 1202, Arthur was never seen again! How sad. One source claims John murdered Arthur in a drunken rage, tied him to a stone and drowned him in the River Seine. But many people say he was murdered by someone whether it was John or someone else! Soft ~ sword In 1200, John divorced Eleanor and married a French girl called Isabella. This caused problems because Isabella had already proposed to the French baron, Hugh of Lusignan. ...read more.


after eating too many peaches and drinking too much beer. My first impressions of King John I think that John was a bad, mad king but in a way slightly misunderstood. He must have had huge problems during his life but I think he dealt with some of them illogically. Also, on the other hand John dealt with them the way he thought was right and we have to appreciate others views on how to treat an event, in his case, the event we might disagree with John on was when he tried to invade France to regain his lost land. I agree that he needed to gain back some land but perhaps he should have done it in a bribe, for example, giving Philip II of France a limited amount of money and trading for a certain amount of land. This example of what John has done cannot be altered but it can be learnt from. So back to my first impressions of John; I understand what he needed to do and that he had to do it somehow but perhaps instead of being cruel he should have been a more gentle ruler! To me it seems John made a lot of mistakes. The evidence shows that he lost land and quite a few battles, also during his reign he lost popularity. John wanted to put things right, he didn't always follow advice but nor was he given good advice either. Therefore some of the decisions he made were poor ones. ...read more.

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