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about macbeth

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At the start of the story, "when shall we three meet again; in thunder, lightning, or in rain?" the witches was planning their next meeting with each other again "when the hurlyburly's done, when the battle's lost and won." after the war has end. To the next sc´┐Żne, "The merciless Macdonwald Worthy to be a rebel" Macdonwald is a rebel to Scotland. Therefore, "Go pronounce his present death" King Duncan declare that Macdonwald need to be executed. "His former title greets Macbeth" explain that King Duncan gave the title of Thane of Cawdor to Macbeth as Macdonwald is dead. Further on, the witches gathered together to meet Macbeth. They told Macbeth some prophecy by greeting him his former title Thane of Glamis,then to Thane of Cawdor and finally to King. Macbeth was stunned at the moment as he did not speak out with the presence of the witch, he speaks out when the witches has left. ...read more.


Perhaps this scenario form in Macbeth's mind is made up by the witches or maybe his readiness of murdering the king. After murdering King Duncan, "Who's there? What, ho!" Macbeth was shocked by some noises however it was Lady Macbeth. If Macbeth did not do any guilty stuff he would not been shock by just sudden sounds around him. "this is a sorry sight" explains that Macbeth was guilty the act that he has done, with King Duncan's blood on his hands." I could not say 'Amen' when they did say 'God bless us'" and "stuck in my throat" again shows that he was so blameworthy. "Methought I heard a voice cry 'sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep'" elucidate that Macbeth seem to be thinking too much , afraid that one's know that he had murder the king while the king was asleep. Perchance, Macbeth is mentally breakdown for that moment." ...read more.


However, "to saucy doubts and fears" he was not pleased that Fleance gets away from the death. Further on, "were the grac'd person of our Banquo present" Macbeth was acting as if he miss his friend so much. "If I stand here, I saw him" in scene four, while they are having a feast Macbeth saw a ghost; a ghost of Banquo. "Avaunt! And quit my sight!" shows that he was scare of it and" what sights, my lord?" Macbeth was full of guilt when Ross ask him what did he see, Macbeth did not dare to say out. "stones have been know to move and trees to speak" He was afraid that other's will know who had order murderers to kill Banquo,maybe after he saw ghost of Banquo, he still could not accept the fact that he saw him. Moreover, maybe Macbeth thinks that Banquo will tell everyone the murderer. ...read more.

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