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About Schmidt

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About Schmidt This movie is about a sixty-six year old man named Warren Schmidt who's a recently retired and widowed. Suddenly he finds himself left alone to face the loss and changes in his life. He decides to take a road trip to visit places that he had not been to for a long times and do some sightseeing before heading off to Denver for his daughter's wedding. The film starts off with Schmidt's last day at work before his retirement, we see him sitting in dull silence in his office staring at the wall clock as it ticks. As soon as the clock ticks 5, he stood up and left the room, showing not particular emotion as the audience may expect. Then later that night, Schmidt had his retirement dinner at the local caf� and it was as ordinary as it could be. People making toasts, photo displays, a nice cake the shape of the company building ... etc. However when one of Schmidt's friends made a speech about Schmidt's retirement, achievements and how Schmidt is now rich beyond the monetary kind because 'he can now retire with all the money and glory and look back at his life thinking "I did it, I did my job."', we see Schmidt's smile faded as the camera zoom in to his face as the speech was made. ...read more.


and he throws out all her belongings to a recycle dump. Schmidt then made a sudden decision and left home in the middle of the night for a road trip that he has planned on going with his wife before she died. Schmidt goes through an introspective time during this sight seeing road trip. As well as sightseeing he went back to visit his childhood home. When his found out that his childhood home has been knocked down and a tyre store is now built into place. He commented in a nostalgic tone to the shopkeeper of the tyre shop on the amount of changes that has happened over the years. Overall, Schmidt became more thoughtful during the trip than before, he decides that he's willing to forgive his wife and his best friend for their affair, because he realises that no one is perfect, and neither is he. At the end of his trip he felt completely transformed and he knew what he's got to do and nothing is going to stop him. His new mission in life is to stop Jeanne from marrying Randall, because he believes that Randall is not good enough for his little girl. At this stage of the movie, the light as become brighter again, though many shots in different scenes in this movie seem to have a bluish tint to it. ...read more.


the music was bouncy and bright. When sad changes happen to Schmidt the background music plays only slowly and thinly. One of the symbols in this film that's continuously used is a cattle truck and cattle. On the day of Schmidt's wife's funeral Schmidt saw a cattle truck being washed; on his road trip he see cattle gazing as he drove past a field; when he's on his way to Denver the drove past the cattle truck that he saw washed down on his wife's funeral transporting cattle; and on his daughter's we see a shot of roast beef being slice. The cattle and the truck made the same journey as Schmidt. Just like for the cattle he saw, there're things that are inevitable and beyond his control, like his daughter's life for example (though of course in comparison Schmidt has more control over his own life than the cattle). Also in comparison Ndugu's situation Schmidt is a lucky person to not have to worry about having enough food or shelter. But however when Schmidt compared his journey with the journey the pioneers made centuries again he's insignificant. In the end it doesn't matter, Schmidt decided that all he'll be satisfied with just one little change in the world. He realised he made a change and that was enough for him, after being unhappy for all this time with his achievements he realised how easy it was to be happy - all it takes is to learn to be satisfied with what you got. ...read more.

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