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Absent Friends Character Analysis

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Absent Friends - Character Analysis Paul: Paul is the husband of Diana in the play. His character is quite proud and he has many self-illusions about himself. He tells everyone that he beats everybody in squash everyday indicating that he is very haughty. He doesn't treat his wife well and always looks down on her making her feel bad and dumb. When he has an affair with Evelyn and he goes and meets her he doesn't even bother to make a good excuse to his wife, because he thinks that she is too dumb to realize that he doesn't like her and has love affairs with other women. He doesn't leave any opportunity to embarrass his wife like when she jokingly said that when he came to visit her and her sister he never really liked him only John, and Paul took it seriously and tried to put her down by saying that he never came to visit her anyway and it was always his sister he had fancied. Overall I don't think that Paul is a very likeable character and that he is too full of himself to consider and think about others especially someone so close to him as his wife. ...read more.


John: He is married to Evelyn in this play. He is a restless character and has a nervous tension in him. He is always on his toes 'jiggling' about and never sitting down and resting. He jokes about and doesn't take things to seriously even though the situation gets very tense. His humour though comes unanswered as everybody else is very tense and have nothing to cheer about. In this play he is the one who has to answer the phones and the doors while everyone else is arguing. He doesn't get involved in the arguments and is a bystander. He is a guy who is looking for anything that is cheap to buy. Every chance he gets he tries to get something for cheap and gives it to Evelyn who hates that because the things he buys are hardly ever useable. He knows about the affair his wife and Paul are having and does nothing about it probably because Paul helps him with his business and for John his work comes before pleasure and it seems before his wife as well. ...read more.


Marge: She is married to a man called Gordon who is not seen in this play. She acts like an overprotective mother towards her husband and even though he is a hypochondriac she treats him like he is really sick all the time. She doesn't realize that it is probably her fault of being over protective that her husband is now a hypochondriac. She doesn't have any kids and has more disposable income which she uses to buy presents for Diana and other people, she might be doing this to act friendly or to show that she is a rich person. She loves to change topics during conversations especially if they are tense ones, she starts talking about petty things like her shoes and kitchen paper holders. She is also obsessed with clothing and tries to introduce clothes in as many conversations as she can! Her sense of conversation and what to say at what moment is completely random and she admits to not knowing what to say when. She brings comic relief into the play by changing conversation in tense situations and bringing laughter from the audience. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shrayans 10JD English, Mr. Lynn 1 ...read more.

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