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According to the film Jack Ruby there are many reasons as to why the Mafia wanted John F. Kennedy. Discuss.

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'Jack Ruby' Jack Ruby started of as a small time club owner in Dallas called the Carousel Club. He also did small time bootlegging. Some indications that Jack Ruby was a player in Dallas or in the Mafia was that when ever he was arrested he seemed to be let of with a small fine or even nothing and it always the same day. This suggests he had connections with the Dallas Police. At some point Jack Ruby went to Cuba and met a man that was in the Mafia supposedly. This man told Jack Ruby to kill Santos Trafficanta, which happened to be Jack Ruby's friend. The thing he did next made him a big player, Jack Ruby decided instead of killing Santos Trafficanta he would kill the man who asked him to kill Santos Trafficanta. When Mafia found out about this they thought that they could use him, a small time Mafia person to do their dirty work so they invited him to Las Vegas. When he got there they asked him to kill Fidel Castro. ...read more.


Another reason may have been that he had hated the way things had been going for him lately and he may become the American hero if he did this. Another wild guess as to why Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald was that he might have been a complete psycho (very unreliable). According to the film 'Jack Ruby' there are many reasons as to why the Mafia wanted John F. Kennedy. First of all in the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro took all of the work from the Mafia resulting in them leaving Cuba. Now the Mafia expected John F. Kennedy to fight to get back control over Cuba but instead he wanted to solve matters peacefully. This aggravated the Mafia. Then the President John F. Kennedy came to an agreement with the CIA about taking over Cuba. John F. Kennedy said that he would supply air support for them before they land in the Bay of Pigs. The Mafia saw this as their chance to get Cuba back so they helped out, also Cuban exiles wanted some action. ...read more.


Kennedy. They took bribes from the Mafia making them turn a blind eye to what was happening. Also they were the ones that helped get Lee Harvey Oswald convicted so quickly. In the film 'Jack Ruby' they portrayed Jack Ruby to be not a very nice guy. There is evidence as to that being the case but some of what the film said cannot be proved. The film said that Jack Ruby shot a man in Cuba because he didn't like his idea. After my extensive research I have found no other evidence as to that happening so it is unreliable. It also showed a scene of Jack Ruby severely beating up a man. Again there is no evidence as to that happening. Contrary to all this, the film did show Jack Ruby as having a heart. The film said that Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald to help the public understand who killed John F. Kennedy. There is evidence as to this happening because it said that in his statement. Over all the portrayal of Jack Ruby being a bad guy is unreliable. Personally I think he was a good guy messed up in bad things. I think the Mafia used him. Leo Thornton History 9BGJ ...read more.

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