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Act 1, Scene 5 is important because its the place where Romeo and Juliet first meet and immediately fall

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Romeo and Juliet "Romeo and Juliet" is a tragic love story, where two teenagers are in love, thought their love is destroyed by the conflict of their two families. Their love is so dramatic, it can't be withdrawn so the only way out they can see is suicide. Act 1, Scene 5 is important because it's the place where Romeo and Juliet first meet and immediately fall in fat. A long standing feud between both Capulet and Montague keep Romeo and Juliet apart. In the Elizabethan times, it was normal to be married at a young age such as fourteen. The Capulet family wishes for Juliet to marry Paris, though as Juliet doesn't love Paris, she is very against the idea and at first refuses. In lines 1-15, the first servant tells the others what to do and orders them about by using words such as 'Away', 'Remove', 'Look', 'Save'. (Instructional; Imperative verbs) servants are rushed and flustered "where's potpan, that he helps not to take away? ...read more.


In lines 42-54, this is where Romeo first sees Juliet. Romeo forgets about Rosaline; "I ne'er saw true beauty till this night." Is this true love? Juliet stands out to Romeo; he expresses this by saying metaphors and similes such as "doth teach the torches to burn bright" (metaphor) or "As a rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear." (Simile) or ".... A snowy dove trooping with crows." Light vs. Dark imagery to emphasise her impact on Romeo. As a dove is a 'snowy,' beautiful dove, he's saying she is like a dove in a room of black (crows), saying how she stands out the most, seems precious to Romeo and no-one compares to her. In this scene, Shakespeare uses poetic language and soliloquy's to show real emotions. When he first sees Juliet, he refers to it being true love and he's so happy with Juliet assuming the loves returned as it wasn't with Rosaline. In lines 94-111, the first fourteen lines are set out as a sonnet suggests that they complement each other, they kiss twice and flirt, extended metaphor of kissing/praying. ...read more.


Even though they are in love the conflict of their family's hate destroys any chance of them being happy together, which leads to them killing themselves. Overall this proves that Act1, 5 is very important because this is where they meet and immediately fall in love. The scene relates to the play as a whole because if Romeo didn't go to the party they wouldn't fall in love and the relationship of love and hate wouldn't have started. Love/hate goes on through the play down to the fact of the hate between the two families and the love between Romeo and Juliet. I think their love is true but doomed from the fact that the families destroy it and end up loosing two children over a silly feud. Incidents such as "If I profane with my unworthiest hand, this holy shrine, the gentle sin is this: My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss." (Romeo) are I think dramatic in the scene because this is when they first kiss. ...read more.

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