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Act 2 Scene by scene notes.

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´╗┐Act 2 ? Scene 1 Banquo and Fleance are together. There are no stars in the sky and and Banquo is feeling something is going on (this shows Banquo`s wiseness.) Banquo is very tired but refusees to sleep. Banquo cannot sleep because of the witches prophecies, death of Duncan (this shows that Banquo is not blind and is wise.) Macbeth and the servant enter the room. Banquo gives Macbeth a ring from Duncan to Lady Macbeth, and this is the last action Duncan does, he gives a prsent to his murderer (ex. Great Irony). Banquo is having nightmares about the witches but Macbeth does not, they will then talk about this as now it`s time to sleep. Macbeth instructs servants to ring the bell when the drink is ready, probably a code when she drugs them. Soliloquoy of Macbeth! - He is having a hallucination of the dagger a ?dagger of the mind.?? He has two daggers infront of him, the real one and an image on. The image dagger is exactly like the real one. ...read more.


Macbeth already regrets for killing Duncan. His hands full of blood = guilt. Lady Macbeth tells macbeth not to worry but this is ironic as she is the one who goes crazy. Lady Macbeth then tells Macbeth to go ?get some water and wash this filthy witness from his hand? as ?a little water clears us of this deed.? After the kill stupid Macbeth gets the daggers with him and refusees to take them back, showing his extreme guilt. For not taking the dagger Lady Macbeth calls him a ?coward? and is manipulating him. Soliloquoy of Macbeth! - Macbeth hears knocking. He asks himself if the seas wash his dirty hands, in reality wondering if anything can see his conscience. He admits that he will be forever guilty. Lady Macbeth arrives and tell Macbeth that she is not feeling guilty. Macbeth again regrets this crime. Scene 3 Portar goes to open the door, eventhough he is drunk because of the celebrations of Duncan. This scene provides a pause from the action and gets us keen to see whats at the door. ...read more.


Malcolm and Donalbain meet again to see where they are going as ?there`s daggers in men`s smiles.? The 2 sons are not fooled, like father, showing how smart they are but with them running to another place keeps everybody suspicious. Scene 4 In this scene we also have a pause in action but helps us progress. This scene is important for the theme ?Natural vs the Unutural? Most unutural thing is the death of King. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth broke the Great Chain of Being and disturbs the natural orders of things. It is as if natural encironment reflects what happens to humans; storm and earthquake. Natural things are Banquo`s loyalty. (Pathetic Vallacy ? Weather matching mood) We also meet an old man, but through this man we understand how the Scottish are looking at the situation of Duncan. Old man has never seen a bad night like this. Beacuse: 1. An owl killed a falcon like Macbeth killed the King 2. Although day time it is dark (Pathetic vallacy) 3. Horses eat eachother. Horses = nobles disaggreing. Everybody believes that the guards killed Duncan, they were bribed. Malcolm and Donalbain are suspected that they have bribed them. (Nobles thought) Macbeth is King and is going to be crowned ? Macduff`s coronation. ...read more.

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