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Act 3 Scene 4 The Banquet Scene The banquet, Macbeth is preparing, highly important to him.

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Act 3 Scene 4 The Banquet Scene The banquet, Macbeth is preparing, highly important to him. It is a chance to show the thanes he is strong and in control, he is very capable of being king. Macbeth needs the banquet to be a success, to show off to the thanes, but when it goes horribly wrong, Macbeth fears that his reputation has. In this scene, Macbeth's reactions and behaviour are very varied. At first, when the thanes arrive, he is the merry host and welcomes everybody with open arms. However, when they sit to eat, his role changes from host to murderer and then as a victim to Banquo's ghost. His behaviour diverges as he moves from his host role to his cold-hearted murderer role and finally to his chaotic, mad victim role, when he sees Banquo's ghost. ...read more.


She changes the subject to try and stop him from thinking about the ghost, and also stop the thanes from thinking that Macbeth is guilty of something, as Lady Macbeth is afraid that Macbeth will let something out about the murder, "Think of this, good peers, But as a thing of custom. 'Tis no other, Only it spoils the pleasure of the time." Lady Macbeth takes control by leading the party and becoming the hostess finally ending the party and telling the thanes to leave when she realises Macbeth is in danger of loosing control, "Stand not upon the order of your going, But go at once" By the end of the scene, we realise that Macbeth, really is strong and determined and how he is going to make this work, "I am in blood ...read more.


The murder would be obviously visible to the audience, but not so to the thanes. When Macbeth speaks to the thanes, there will be full lighting, but when the murderer speaks to Macbeth, the thanes freeze and the lights dim on them and a spotlight focuses on Macbeth. Once they have finished their dialogue, the thanes start celebrating and acquainting again and the lighting comes back up. To present the ghost of Banquo, on stage, the first thing I would do is make-up. It would be pale, to create that he is dead. When Banquo's ghost is on stage, the normal lights would be on, but an extra spotlight would make the make-up shine and give that 'not human' effect. His clothing would be what he died in, but more new, clean and tidy ...read more.

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