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Act 3 scene is 1 is certainly a major turning point in the play, and this scene is very dramatic for lots of different reasons.

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Response To Shakespeare In what ways is act 3 scene 1 a dramatic turning point in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet? Romeo and Juliet is a play set in the renaissance; it is about two star-crossed lovers, who are condemned from seeing each other because they are from rival families. It was written by William Shakespeare in 1595, and is set in Verona city. Act 3 scene is 1 is certainly a major turning point in the play, and this scene is very dramatic for lots of different reasons. This scene is where Romeos life takes a turn for the worse as up to this scene he has been having a great time and his life has been getting better by the day. At the beginning of act 3 scene 1 benvolio and mercutio are walking around talking to each other, but benvolio wants to leave the area to avoid conflict with the Capulet's as the prince had ordered a ban from the city to the next people who cause a fight in the streets of Verona, but mercutio who is a likeable character and bring comedy to the play is not scared by the threat of Capulet's been around. So the tension between them is not very big, but it is noticeable. ...read more.


This outrages Mercutio and he challenges Tybalt to a fight with a witty comment saying that he only wants one of Tybalt's nine lives, and then draws his sword, Tybalt takes up his challenge, but Romeo doesn't want this to happen which is shown by his speech, but then shortly after by accident mercutio gets stabbed by Tybalt under Romeo's arm, this is very tragic in its own sense as Mercutio is neither Montague or Capulet and he was the source of humour. There are many reasons why mercutio's death is dramatic and tragic, one reason is how he died, he was dieing slowly, which is always a horrible experience to go through. He tries to joke about him dieing, for example, "ay, ay, a scratch, a scratch," here he is pretending that it isn't actually that bad but the horrible bit is that he as well as the audience knows that he is dieing. This affects the audience as they feel part of his misery when he is dieing, as he was such a loved character. Another reason that it is dramatic is because he was the only source of humour; this is what connected him with the audience because everyone likes someone who is funny. ...read more.


Lady Capulet starts pleading to the prince that Romeo should die, this is because Romeo killed Tybalt, she is saying this with a lot of raw emotion, you know this because she is crying and is very angry. Then benvolio delivers a speech with lots of emotion and to an extent a little bit of anxiety, this hits all of the citizens as they find out how tragic and unfortunate this event has been, it stops everyone in their tracks and now everyone can have their own viewpoint on the prosecution of Romeo. Then the Montague then challenges lady Capulet's speech by saying that Tybalt deserved to die for killing mercutio, the court would do that anyway. Then the prince stops all of this, which is another dramatic point because from very emotional speeches to this very factual and cold speech from the prince, and bearing in mind that a member of his family has been killed he gave a fairly nice sentence to Romeo, who now is the lowest he has ever been in his life. The dramatic difference of this scene can be seen by Romeo, who ran in as happy as can be as he has just married Juliet, then to loose a friend to murdering Tybalt, he has walked away feeling very low. Dan Booth ...read more.

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