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Act 4 is Extremely Crucial to the Play - Discuss.

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14th October 2003 Act 4 is Extremely Crucial to the Play-Discuss In Act 4, Shakespeare gathers all the characters for the wedding of Hero and Claudio. As the ceremony begins, Leonarto is anxious for it to go smoothly. But Claudio eventually interrupts the service to announce that Hero has been unfaithful. Don John and Don Pedro back up Claudio and then leave after Hero has fainted. Friar then comes up with a plan to say Hero is dead. He tells Beatrice, Benedick and Leonarto who say they will keep it a secret. Beatrice and Benedick both reveal their feelings to one another in a dramatic scene ending with Benedick leaving to kill his friend Claudio. ...read more.


Hero, in Act 3, we see choosing her wedding clothes. She is very excited. When Claudio accuses her Hero's innocent smile is destroyed. The Friar sees rightly that Hero is innocent and that she really loves Claudio. She faints under Claudio's and her father's onslaught. "Done to death by slanderous tongue, was the Hero that here lies". Hero's romantic love is destroyed. When Claudio announces the rumour about Hero, Don Pedro and Don John are quick to back him up and believe Hero' guilt. Leonarto also believes and unleashes insults towards Hero wishing that she had never been born and that he would kill her himself to vitiate dishonour. ...read more.


When the other characters, which are present, are told they agree to keep it quiet. In the second scene Conrade and Borachio confess to the sexton their sin to the sexton. They are involved in the plot against Hero and Claudio they are then taken to Leonarto. This comic scene provides relief after the previous scene. After this the audience believe that all will be well. Within this act, Shakespeare has brought to fruition of many of his themes and ideas. We see romantic love denounced alongside love borne out of knowledge prospering. He ends the first scene on a dramatic note with the tension of Benedick leaving the stage to kill his best friend but presents the second scene in a comic way in order to lighten this tension. Act 4 is therefore extremely significant and crucial to the development of 'Much Ado about Nothing'. ...read more.

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