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Act One Scene Five is a hugely important part of 'Romeo and Juliet.' How would you direct this scene, in an original manner, to show this?

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' Act One Scene Five is a hugely important part of 'Romeo and Juliet.' How would you direct this scene, in an original manner, to show this?' Introduction In this essay, I will partly direct and describe Act 1, Scene 5, giving reasonable evidence and quotations towards the main characters of the play. Act 1, Scene 5 of 'Romeo & Juliet' is a key scene because Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time, Tybalt realises that one of the maskers is a Montague, and we see Capulet's true character. This all takes place at a party hosted by Capulet. The main characters who appear in this scene are Romeo, Juliet, Capulet, Tybalt and Nurse. We learn that Tybalt is the only member of the Capulet and Montague families whose words and actions show the ferocity and deep hatred associated with the feud. Capulet is a difficult character to assess because his behaviour seems so contradictory. He presents an angry figure of short- tempered authority when Juliet refuses to obey him, but at other times speaks to her lovingly. The Nurses' position in the Capulet household is superior to that of a servant. Juliet seems to have taken place of the daughter she once had, and everything she does she does for Juliet's benefit. Romeo is passionate and a bit of a dreamer. ...read more.


Lord Capulet stops Tybalt from killing Romeo and calls Romeo 'a virtuous and well governed youth.' ( Act 1, Scene 5 lines 67-68). This is Lord Capulet complimenting Romeo and this is not what we would expect from the Lord of the Capulet household, to be complimenting a Montague. This shows that the ancient feud could almost be burning out anyway, or that Capulet's putting a polite show on for the guests. Either way, Tybalt seems to be the one keeping it from dying out completely. For the first time we see Capulet unleash his anger on someone who doesn't instantly obey him; 'Be quiet or I'll make you quiet' ( Act 1, Scene 5 lines 85-87) In the same speech, he goes back and forth between speaking jovially to his guests and calling Tybalt names such as " a saucy boy" and " a princox." Juliet is in the party mood due to being at a major social convention, until she meets Romeo, from then on she is confused because she is due to be married to Paris, and she has fallen in love with someone else. Before Romeo and Juliet have met, I will have them continuously looking at each other in the eye, this will have implied to the audience that each has fallen in love at first sight. ...read more.


At the party, every single guest will be of white race. Both Romeo and Benvolio will be aware of this, hence, having no problem in joining the other guests wearing masks. When Tybalt recognises Romeos voice, he will not only find out that Romeo is part of the Montague family, but putting more anger on his mind, will unfortunately identify Romeo as being black. Fortunately for Romeo all the guests will be wrapped up in their fun to notice Romeos race, giving him a chance to escape unnoticed from Tybalt, which is then when he will meet Juliet. As Romeo and Juliet embraces in each other, Juliet at the same time will feel confused about her emotions. Being brought up in a white background, where she was taught that black people had inferior intelligence to that of a dog, she does not understand whether it is love she feels for Romeo or pity. Both of the families being a different race will have a major effect on the play. It will give us more of an understanding as to why both families have an everlasting grudge, and why they will never accept Romeo and Juliet as being a couple. Further on in the play, it is the Nurse who helps Juliet to realise that no matter whether Romeo is yellow, obese or from a different planet she will always love him. ?? ?? ?? ?? Helena Foster 10IE ...read more.

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